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Couple Obtains Multi-Million Dollar Settlement After Prior Atorney Forced Them to Settle for Much Less!

Couple Obtains Multi-Million Dollar Settlement After Prior Atorney Forced Them to Settle for Much Less!

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 8-Jul-2014

Our clients were a very nice couple and long time Central Valley residents. The husband was involved in a very serious auto accident with a multi-billion dollar, very well known corporation truck. Liability was clear. The husband underwent neck surgery, back surgery and knee surgery, among other very serious injuries, and became disabled as a result of the accident, and could no longer work again. His wife had to take on two jobs just to make their family's ends meet. They hired their first attorney, out of Newport Beach, who did nothing for them in nearly 2 years, and only spent $750 in costs on the entire case! That lawyer brought in a "trial attorney", who was a newer lawyer, and he fumbled around for another two years. The clients were so fed up and insulted with lawyer #2, they felt like they had no choice but to call The Dunnion Law Firm. We agreed to take the case despite the serious legal and medical issues, created by the prior attorneys' inability to secure the proper evidence to prove the clients' claims. However, within hours of hiring The Dunnion Law Firm, the clients fired us and went back to their prior attorney! It turns out that the prior attorney offered them money to return to him, which was an illegal violation of State Bar rules!

The clients and their prior attorney actually went to a mediation a month later and reached a "settlement" in the six figure range. The clients were intimidated because their lawyer was inexperienced and the other side, a mega-corporation with its multiple big shot lawyers, had bullied the clients' attorney into believing their case was a weak case, and that the settlement was "take it or leave it." The clients, having nowhere to go or turn, reluctantly "settled". The only winner at that mediation was the prior attorney, who was concerned only about his $400K+ fees! Our clients had over $700K in bills alone, needed future treatment, and the "settlement" barely covered those amounts! The clients were bullied into a horrible situation by their own attorney!

The next day, they again called The Dunnion Law Firm and were literally crying and begging us to get back into the case. Of course, we were highly skeptical and did not know what we could do to help them if they had truly "settled" the case. WELL, it turns out that besides the bad lawyering by their own attorney, as well as poor lawyering by the big shot lawyers on the other side, as well as an inexperienced mediator, The Dunnion Law Firm realized there was NO SETTLEMENT and immediately undid the mess for the clients!

The Dunnion Law Firm and its team of top notch litigation and trial attorneys fought long and hard for over a year, and spent nearly $80,000.00 in costs to secure experts, witnesses, medical evidence and proof of the clients' serious injuries, none of which was done by the prior attorneys! The case ultimately settled after two more mediations, with a highly skilled and experienced former California Supreme Court Justice, and a confidential, multi-million dollar settlement was reached!

The Dunnion Law Firm negotiated nearly 100 medical bills, liens and claims for the clients and set up the settlement so it was tax free to them. They were thrilled with the result and unfortunately, will have to sue their prior attorneys for not only their gross incompetence in mishandling their claim, but that limited The Dunnion Law Firm's ability to get the clients even a larger settlement. Despite the significant legal battles ahead, the clients are extremely satisfied with The Dunnion Law Firm's expertise, skill, guidance and know-how and received a significant multi-million dollar settlement which they gladly accepted.

If you or a loved one has serious injuries [or dies – keep or remove?] from a car, bicycle, motorcycle, pedestrian or truck accident, you need the BEST attorneys to represent you. The Dunnion Law Firm litigation attorneys have over 200 years of experience in only these types of cases, have the resources to pay the costs on your case and are ready to do whatever is legally required to get you the best result. Do not settle for cheaper, newer or fast talking lawyers that sound good up front but have no experience to handle large, multi-million dollar claims, or cannot bankroll a large value case. The Dunnion Law Firm has been the best for nearly 40 years! Get them in your corner immediately – it's just that easy.

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