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Hit And Run Accident Still Results in $100,000 Settlement

Hit And Run Accident Still Results in $100,000 Settlement

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 2-Jun-2014

A Hanford man was driving his 10 month old daughter to daycare when a careless driver sent their lives into a spin, literally. The defendant ran a stop sign and struck the side of the man’s car causing the man to spin out of control into a telephone pole. Both the man and his daughter sustained significant injuries and both were rushed to the emergency room and then taken to Fresno’s trauma center.

The defendant fled the scene but was later apprehended by police. The defendant had inadequate insurance coverage and the Hanford man was happy he had protected himself with a large uninsured motorist policy. The injured man’s own insurance company offered to pay his bills and only $5,000.00 for he and his daughter, despite the fact that each of them had bleeding inside their skulls.

The Dunnion Law Firm did not tolerate this low ball offer and demanded arbitration and once the matter was in litigation and the depositions were taken, the attorney representing the insurance company quickly realized the insurance company low ball offer was inadequate. The Dunnion Law Firm tendered a statutory offer for the $100,000.00 policy limit and the insurance carrier had no option but to offer the full policy to each of the insureds.

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