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Fresno Man Had Life Turned Upside down - Literally

Fresno Man Had Life Turned Upside down - Literally

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 27-Mar-2014

A long time Fresno resident worked as a plumber, working long shifts doing difficult physical labor. As he was on his way home in rush hour traffic one day, a car flashed into the intersection running a red light. The car nearly hit several vehicles, the Fresno man was not so lucky, the car struck him directly on the drivers door and flipped his vehicle upside down and into a spin. The cab of his pickup truck was flattened and came to rest partially on the sidewalk. The took off his seatbelt and fell to the ground, crawling out of the broken drivers window to see the roof on the passenger side of his vehicle pushed clear down to the seat. He felt lucky to be alive.

The driver of the other vehicle was unlicensed and getting her first driving lesson. She denied running a red light but a witness confirmed to the police that the young driver had indeed run the red light. The man did not fell his injuries were life threatening so he declined taking the ambulance to the emergency room. The Fresno Police Department refused to prepare a Traffic Collision Report as nobody was transported to the emergency room by ambulance.

With no police report documenting the witness statement, the defendant continued to deny she ran a red light and eventually a lawsuit was filed and her attorneys disputed liability and blamed the Fresno man for the accident.

The man’s injuries were not horrendous, but he had ongoing pain for many months and received injections in both his neck and shoulder. His injuries finally subsided after about two years. By locating the witness and not backing off to the insurance carrier or their attorneys, The Dunnion Law Firm was able to obtain a $100,000.00 settlement for the man.

Don’t let the insurance company bully you into little or no settlement, call The Dunnion Law Firm.

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