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Dunnion Law Firm Obtains $88,144.00 From State Farm for 72 year old Policyholder's Injuries

Dunnion Law Firm Obtains $88,144.00 From State Farm for 72 year old Policyholder's Injuries

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 29-May-2014

State Farm's slogan "like a good neighbor, State Farm is there" wasn't the jingle this client was singing after a car wreck in August, 2012. He hired the Dunnion Law Firm to pursue an underinsured motorist claim against State Farm, his own insurance company because the driver of the vehicle that caused the collision only had $15,000.00 coverage. Unfortunately for the man, his injuries were serious, and the $15,000.00 he collected from the other driver was not enough to compensate him.

The man was the front seat passenger in the family vehicle when the accident happened. He had low back surgery two weeks before the accident, and it was his first trip in the car since he had surgery. As his wife was driving through an intersection, another driver ran a stop sign and crashed into the passenger side the car where he was seated. The man noticed immediate pain in his lower back after the accident. The man met with his neurosurgeon the day after the accident. He told his doctor about the severe pain in his lower back he experienced after the collision. The neurosurgeon noted the back pain the man was experiencing was more than likely from the low back surgery he had two weeks before the collision, and not the auto accident the day before. Unfortunately, the man suffered with severe low back pain for months until July 2013, when he had to endure another low back surgery. The neurosurgeon who did the first low back surgery also performed the second surgery. When he opened up the man's lower back, he found the device he had implanted into the man's spine a year before had failed. The doctor removed the failed device and did another lumbar fusion on the man. The man suffered through two painful low back surgeries within one year! Thereafter, State Farm, the man's own insurance company, required a great deal of proof that the impact from the automobile collision caused the device in the man's spine to fail, and not arthritic changes in his spine. Because of the medical expertise of the Dunnion Law Firm in presenting injury claims such as this, State Farm paid $88,144.00, the maximum coverage available on the man's policy.

If you are injured because someone else was negligent, call the Dunnion Law Firm for help. The man in this case will now have a substantial amount of money to use for travel during his retirement he otherwise could not afford.

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