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Insurance Company Makes Another Low Ball Offer

Insurance Company Makes Another Low Ball Offer

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 21-May-2014

A Fresno woman was sitting at a red light on her way to pick up her daughter without a care in the world. She was looking forward to spending the evening with her family. An inattentive driver had other ideas.

The driver slammed into the back of the woman’s vehicle, pushing her forward into a third vehicle. For the next three years, the woman lived a nightmare. She immediately had pain up and down her neck, back and shoulder and within days experienced numbness and tingling in her arm and hand. Her son was in a car seat in the back seat and she was fearful he would be hurt and her imagination got the better of her.

Luckily her son was essentially ok. She, on the other hand, began experiencing headaches, nausea, numbness and tingling in her arm and hand and her symptoms were getting worse by the day. Her family took her to the emergency room and she was treated and released without any life threatening injuries. She followed up with her family doctor and was sent to therapy but her symptoms did not seem to improve.

After two months of torturous pain, the woman was sent for am MRI which showed a torn labrum in her left shoulder. She continued to have significant numbness and tingling down her entire left arm into the finger tips.

The woman was happy when the negligent driver’s insurance told her they were “admitting fault” on behalf of their insured, however, when she submitted her medical bills that were in excess of $10,000.00 after only a few short months, the insurance adjuster told her she should have been recovered by that time and offered only $5,112.98. The woman did not know what to think and she did not think she should have to pay her bills out of her pocket so she hired The Dunnion Law Firm.

The insurance company gave no explanation for their low ball offer, only repeating their belief that anyone with “soft tissue” injuries should recover in six weeks and did not need any additional treatment after that period.

The Dunnion Law Firm did not stand for the insurance companies unsupported explanation and filed suit. Immediately after reviewing the file, the attorney hired by the insurance company offered the defendant’s policy limits of $50,000.00 as it was immediately clear the woman had more than a simple soft tissue injury

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