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Castro Valley Man Receives $100,000 for Injuries Caused by Drunk Driver

Castro Valley Man Receives $100,000 for Injuries Caused by Drunk Driver

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 24-Sep-2014

A man was riding home from the bar with the defendant, his friend, late at night in Berkeley, California. Eager to show off his Corvette to the victim, the defendant began speeding through Tunnel Road at over 80 mph—despite the 25 mph speed limit. It wasn’t long before he lost control and struck a median. The victim was ejected through the windshield and into the roadway.

Fearing arrest, the defendant fled immediately, leaving his passenger to bleed in the street. Thankfully, an off-duty paramedic arrived on the scene by chance and was able to render assistance. Police soon after apprehended the defendant a few blocks away, and, even though he denied knowledge of the incident, arrested him.

The victim hired The Dunnion Law Firm. His attorney worked with the district attorney to ensure that criminal charges were brought against the defendant. His attorney also quickly obtained the limits of the defendant’s insurance policy to ensure that the victim was financially compensated for his injuries.

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