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Man Jaywalking Receives $250,000

Man Jaywalking Receives $250,000

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 23-Sep-2014

The injury victim was a disabled Hispanic man who made a living going around collecting aluminum cans. He was a prior stroke victim and had very little money. He was crossing a busy street in Stockton near an intersection and was pushing a shopping cart full of cans. The other party was speeding down the road and did not see our client until it was too late, and she struck the shopping cart, knocking it and our client over. Our client fell to the ground and broke his right heel. Because of his disability and inability to speak English, the police blamed him for the accident!

We took the case to see what we could do for this poor man. One of our senior attorneys actually met with the client at a hospital in Stockton and then did a detailed scene investigation. We assisted our client to get medical care. He saw an orthopedic surgeon who recommended physical therapy and injections. He did not get better and we helped him see a foot specialist who said our client was going to likely need future surgery.

We argued and fought with the lady's insurance company for a year and a half. We were finally able to send a demand and within days, the insurance company tendered not only its $50,000.00 policy limits, but had also previously tendered $2,000.00 as an "advance" due to a loophole in their insurance policy which The Dunnion Law Firm knew about. Thus, our client settled for $52,000.00 and plans on using his funds to help him for stroke therapy to help him improve his quality of life.

Categories: Pedestrian Accident