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California Lawmakers Support Statewide Hit-and-Run Alert System

California Lawmakers Support Statewide Hit-and-Run Alert System

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 1-Apr-2015

Hit and run accidents can be a frightening experience for victims and their families, especially when it comes to pursuing financial compensation for their damages. Although the civil justice system does provide options for recovering losses in these situations, it's not always easy or possible. This is why California lawmakers have been working hard to support the adoption of a statewide hit-and-run alert system.

Here are some key points about their efforts:

  • Assemblyman Mike Gatto has authored legislation to use existing emergency alert systems - such as the digital billboards on highways and freeways - to alert motorists about hit-and-runs.
  • The proposed legislation comes in response to a significant hit-and-run problem in California. Los Angeles, for example, sees roughly 20,000 hit-and-run accidents each year.
  • A similar alert system is being used in Denver, where the hit-and-run arrest rate is 75%. In Los Angeles, the arrest rate is 20%.
  • Officials throughout the state are also developing additional methods for arresting hit-and-run drivers, including online alert systems and reward incentives.

Hit-and-run is a serious crime punishable by harsh and severe penalties. It is also a form of negligence that places injured victims at serious risk. By alerting motorists of a hit-and-run collision and the suspected vehicle involved, law enforcement can obtain the tips and information needed to make a swift arrest and hold drivers accountable for the damages they cause.

At The Dunnion Law Firm, our accident attorneys are passionate about fighting for victims harmed in all types of auto accidents, including those involving hit-and-run. If you have questions about your rights and how our firm may be able to help you recover the financial compensation you deserve, contact us today.

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