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Denied Claim results in Six Figure Settlement!

Denied Claim results in Six Figure Settlement!

Posted By Dunnion Attorney || 3-Apr-2015

Our client, who was uninsured and who had been drinking, was cruising down a country road with his buddies on his new motorcycle. The other party was driving the other way. Our client claimed she crossed the double yellow line hitting his left leg causing serious foot injuries. The driver of the vehicle and her passengers all claimed our client crossed the double yellow and hit the car. The police report was neutral. The lady's insurance company denied the claim so the client turned to The Dunnion Law Firm to help.

We found a witness who said the car crossed the double yellow line. We secured expert analysis of the scene and also obtained medical evidence documenting the seriousness of the injuries. We sent a forceful demand to the lady's insurance company and they realized the severity of the case and quickly paid our client a six figure insurance policy!

The fact that our client had been drinking and had no car insurance made no difference as we obtained the full compensation available for him.

Categories: Motorcycle Accident