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Dinuba Man Hurt and Then Unable to Get Treatment

Dinuba Man Hurt and Then Unable to Get Treatment

Posted By DLF || 24-Aug-2015

A Dinuba, CA, resident was driving home from work on spring day when a inattentive motorist pulled from a stop sign directly in the man’s path. The woman accused the man of running a stop sign and being at fault, however, the man did not have a stop sign. Later, the woman’s insurance blamed the man saying he was partially at fault even though he did not have a stop sign and their insured pulled out from a stop sign into his path.

Shortly thereafter, the man’s doctor of many years told the man he had to seek treatment elsewhere because the doctor did not treat auto accident injuries. The man did not know what to do, he was being blamed for an accident he did not cause, he was being denied treatment even though he was suffering in pain, he was off work and losing his ability to pay his bills. He turned to The Dunnion Law Firm for help.

The Dunnion Law Firm was able to help the man get the treatment he needed. When the insrurance companies did not believe him, The Dunnion Law Firm did and they fought with the insurance carriers until they were convinced the woman was at fault and the injuries he complained of were caused in the accident.

Don’t let a lot of time go by without doing anything. The insurance company will use that against you. Instead, if you need help handling a claim for bodily injury, give The Dunnion Law Firm a call.

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