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A Boy, A Skateboard, A Busy Street, And A Really Bad Broken Leg.

A Boy, A Skateboard, A Busy Street, And A Really Bad Broken Leg.

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 10-Dec-2015

A 12 year old boy riding his skateboard on the shoulder of Road 80 outside Dinuba suddenly found his skateboard rolling out into the roadway. The boy looked for oncoming cars and nobody was close so he ran out into the roadway to get the skateboard. As he was walking back to the shoulder of the road, a car struck him.

The initial indication from the driver’s insurance company was the boy was at fault, obviously. He was in the roadway and not watching for traffic. They denied the claim.

The Dunnion Law Firm never backed down. Trial was set and the parties were ordered to mediation. Once the insurance company’s attorney completed depositions of the parties he recommended that the carrier change its settlement position and even before the mediation they tendered their policy limits of $250,000.00.

Don’t let those insurance companies bully you. Call The Dunnion Law Firm and if there is a way to get you a settlement, we will find it.