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Husband and Wife Denied the Enjoyment of Peaceful and Healthy Retirement

Husband and Wife Denied the Enjoyment of Peaceful and Healthy Retirement

Posted By DLF || 1-Jun-2015

A Visalia couple were driving home on Avenue 320 north of Visalia when a drunk and reckless criminal crashed into their lives. The Visalia man crossed over the centerline of this well traveled two lane road and slammed into the couple head on just blocks away from their home. The man fled the scene of the crash on foot, but was later identified as the driver when he was questioned by police and he had the keys to his father’s abandoned vehicle in his pocket. He denied being the driver, but the injuries he sustained in the collision were obvious and he was taken into custody.

The couple was left to pick up the shattered pieces with a world of questions and nobody listening to them and nobody helping them put the pieces back together.

The couple turned to The Dunnion Law Firm who guided them through the process and encouraged them to get the medical treatment they needed and deserved. They were told by their own insurance company to just wait and see how it goes, but, following this advice could have turned out disastrous.

The man needed neck surgery, it was a good thing he followed his attorney’s advice and got the evaluations and testing that he needed, he could have become paralyzed if he did not get the treatment he needed. The woman did not have the severity of injury, but her general health declined and she too was encouraged to follow up with the doctors for testing and evaluation.

Luckily, The Dunnion Law Firm was on their side and the couple got the treatment they needed and the settlements they deserved.

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