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Local Couple Not in Such "Good Hands"

Local Couple Not in Such "Good Hands"

Posted By DLF || 29-Jun-2015

A Fresno man was taking a leisurely ride on his Harley Davidson motorcycle in Fresno when another vehicle was in too much of a hurry and pulled from a church parking lot directly in the path of the motorcyle. It seemed straightforward, the man driving the car admitting to pulling out in front of the motorcycle, the police officer found the man driving the car at fault, and the man on the motorcycle figured the man’s insurance company would pay for his motorcycle and medical bills no problem. He figured the man had good insurance, right?

No so much. The insurance company tried to blame the motorcycle, claiming he was obviously going to fast for conditions, even though he was riding more than 5 miles per hour under the speed limit. The insurance company tried to blame the motorcycle saying the many pulling out of the parking lot was not at fault because cars stopping to turn into the church parking lot were blocking his view of the motorcycle. Those "good hands" blamed everyone in the area of the accident, except their insured who entered the roadway and gave the motorcycle less than two seconds to avoid the collision with the side of the defendant’s vehicle.

Up to the last day when the insurance company finally offered to pay its insured’s policy limits, they were still trying to claim the motorcycle was at fault. The court set the matter for trial and also ordered the parties to mediation. It was not until then, a court ordered mediation, when they quit the charade and offered to pay the $250,000.00 policy limit.

The Dunnion Law Firm was not ever going to back down to the insurance carrier’s obvious attempts to save a couple dollars, at the expense of the claimant and at the expense of their own insured. Don’t let the insurance company tell you that you are at fault without talking to someone on your side, someone willing to fight for you, The Dunnion Law Firm.

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