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Can Self-Driving Cars Really be the End of Auto Accidents?

Can Self-Driving Cars Really be the End of Auto Accidents?

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 11-Mar-2015

If you've been to an auto show lately, or have kept up with the latest tech news, it's likely you've heard about self-driving cars. These automated vehicles are the latest technological advancement in the auto world, and they are being touted as the "next big thing."

Aside from the sheer entertainment and novelty of thinking about self-driving cars, safety experts and researchers believe they can significantly improve safety on public roads and highways. According to a recently released study from McKinsey & Co. - a global consulting firm - autonomous automobiles may the key to ending auto accidents on American roads.

The study made the following predictions regarding self-driving cars:

  • Should American consumers fully embrace the use of self-driving vehicles, auto accidents on public roadways could be reduced by as much as 90%.
  • Autonomous cars could prevent as much as $190 billion in costs associated with damages and health care and save thousands of lives annually.
  • Mass adoption and use of self-driving cars will likely take place in approximately 15 years. Initial adoption of early-model autonomous cars is predicted to begin within the next decade.

Predictions from the study are significant, and they speak volumes about the amazing capabilities of advanced safety technology. Already, automakers and safety experts have seen huge improvements from technologies like adaptive cruise control, lane-departure prevention, and blind-spot alerts. These technologies have become more commonly featured in new vehicles.

One of the prominent reasons why self-driving cars are expected to eliminate such an overwhelming amount of auto accidents is because they reduce driver involvement and, subsequently, the potential for driver error and negligence. Self-driving cars, for example, are not going to drive impaired or distracted.

Although autonomous vehicles have incredible potential, they are still far off from being widely used on public roads. There are also numerous issues that will need to be addressed, including the risk of malfunctions and the need for intricate maps of public roadways.

In the meantime before self-driving cars dominate the roads, injured victims and families still have the right to pursue a recovery of their damages after being harmed in preventable accidents. If you have questions about filing a personal injury claim following a car accident, contact The Dunnion Law Firm for a free case review!