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The Best Times to Drive on Thanksgiving Weekend

The Best Times to Drive on Thanksgiving Weekend

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 21-Nov-2015

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, you may be thinking about what time and day you and your family should get on the road. While streets, highways, and freeways are more saturated on Holiday weekends, there may be more opportune times to head to your Thanksgiving destination.

Keep in mind that more car accidents occur when traffic is heavy. By driving at times when roads are less congested, you and your family can avoid being involved in a collision. To help you decide when to start and end your road trip, we have gathered some information from Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation application.

When Should We Get On the Road?

The following findings provided by Waze are based off the 2014 traffic and driving conditions as reported by users.

To begin, Waze warns drivers of driving conditions the Sunday following Thanksgiving. On this day, Waze saw a 112% increase in reported accidents, 79.8% increase in reported hazards, 100.2% increase in reported police reports, and an increase of 323% of reported traffic jams.

After gathering information and reports from Waze users across the United States, Waze was able to determine what times are best and worst for people to travel before and after Thanksgiving Day. Below are these findings:


  • Busiest traffic hours are between 4-8pm
  • More Waze users (can mean more drivers on the road) after 1pm


  • Busiest traffic hours are between 2-7pm
  • More Waze users starting at 11am through the end of the day
  • Less Waze users (can mean less drivers on the road) in the morning
  • 62.9% increase in reported car accident
  • 38.6% increase in police reports
  • 31.3% increase in reported road hazards


  • Similar traffic and Waze user activity as a weekend day


  • Similar traffic and Waze user activity as a weekend day


  • Slight increase in Waze user activity


  • Busiest traffic hours between 1-6pm
  • Increase in Waze users throughout the entire day

Regardless of what day or time you plan to travel, it is crucial that you maintain safe driving habits to ensure you, your family, and all other drivers on the road can arrive to their destinations safely. Remember, you can’t eat turkey if you don’t get there in a gravy condition!

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