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How Insurance Companies Minimize Your Injury Claim

How Insurance Companies Minimize Your Injury Claim

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 20-Dec-2016

When you’re injured in an accident it doesn’t matter whether it’s a car wreck, slipping and falling on a slick sidewalk outside a store, tripping on loose carpet in someone’s home, or any other kind of incident, all you want is your life back. While it would be nice if the responsible parties just paid for the damages and took responsibility, this unfortunately doesn’t always happen.

Insurance companies will do just about anything to avoid paying for the damages you’ve suffered. Learn the various tricks and tactics insurance companies do to reduce, or even avoid, payment for an injury claim and why you need an attorney.

Why They Do This

Insurance companies claim that they have to be vigilant about false claims to protect themselves and their clients from rising insurance costs, and to prevent legal fraud. This is certainly true, but what’s also true is that insurance companies are for-profit agencies and they don’t make money by handing out settlements. They’d rather find a way to pay less money, or none at all, and they’ll do what they can to make that happen.

Undermining Your Injury Claim

One common tactic of insurance companies is to minimize the extent of your injury claim. This basically means they’ll do everything possible to claim that you’re not hurt as badly as you claim. They do this by bringing in “third party” medical experts to offer opinions that disagree with your doctor’s.

They might look for evidence that you have past injuries and claim you’re trying to sue for those instead of just what you suffered now. There are a variety of methods they use to make it look like you’re just not that badly hurt. They might even accuse you of outright lying about being injured at all.

Shifting the Blame to You

Another common tactic is to shift the blame onto you. They’ll look for ways to prove that you were actually the negligent one, that you were clumsy, acting irresponsibly, or otherwise responsible for your own accident. If they can make a jury believe this, then their client is off the hook, and you end up saddled with lots of bills that you don’t deserve.

Citing Lack of Evidence

Insurance companies love to cite lack of evidence. There are no police reports. The medical bills and records are incomplete. Where are the witnesses? All of these and more are common ways that insurers try to minimize your ability to sue their client—no record, after all, means no accident.

Confusion, Double-Talk, and Strong-Arm

One of the first things they’ll try is to trick you into signing off on a low-ball offer. They’ll use confusing double-talk to make you think you have to sign papers to get compensated, when really the papers you’re signing limit your rights to pursue further damages. When you refuse to sign, they’ll threaten that if you go to court you’ll get nothing to scare you into signing.

In the end, never sign anything without talking to an attorney. This is the best way to protect your rights.

Contact an Injury Attorney

When you’re hurt in an accident, you absolutely should seek representation from a qualified personal injury attorney. An injury lawyer knows exactly how to stop insurance company non-payment tactics and make sure your rights as the victim are protected. If you live in the San Jose area and need help with an injury claim, we’re here. Call Dunnion Law for a free case evaluation and more information today!