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Elderly Springville Woman minding her own business rocked by another idiot dring a car and talking on the cell phone.

Elderly Springville Woman minding her own business rocked by another idiot dring a car and talking on the cell phone.

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 20-Jan-2016

A 74 year old Springville, CA resident was driving her car on a rural road on a cold winter afternoon when she became the latest victim of a careless driver talking on her cell phone and not paying attention to driving their car. The woman attempted a right turn on a red light but failed to notice the car driving on the cross street with a green light going through the intersection.

The Springville resident attempted to swerve to the left but was struck on the right side of her car, causing her car to spin around, travel over the median and directly into the path of oncoming traffic where she was hit a second time.

The woman was taken by ambulance to the emergency room where it was later determined she had multiple fractured ribs and a fractured vertebra.

The woman tried to deal with the negligent driver’s insurance, but they confused her so bad she did not know what they were doing or if they were going to help her. The aggravation of dealing with the insurance carrier, on top of the extreme pain their insured had caused, was too much for her and she sought help from her daughter. Together, they could not understand what was going on or which insurance company was going to do what. It seemed the insurance people were all speaking a foreign language.

The family knew people that had been represented by The Dunnion Law Firm so they turned to Mr. Dunnion for help. There were multiple insurance issues to resolve, including policy limits, underinsured motorist, medical payments coverage, reimbursement of Medicare, reimbursement to supplemental health insurance, reimbursement for medical payments coverage, as well as multiple providers to deal with.

The Springville woman was so relieved to have someone else handle all those confusing issues for her so she could focus on her health. Thankfully, she recovered relatively soon and was pleased to receive such a nice net settlement after all her expenses and obligation for repayment were satisfied.