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Blog Posts in July, 2016

  • Two men were returning to the Central Valley from a stint working in Texas oilfields when they were rear-ended by a negligent semi driver. The men, father and son, were injured in the wreck but only the father took an ambulance from the accident scene. The men found that they had little access to treatment beyond the emergency room because they were uninsured. Hurting and temporarily unable to ...
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  • Summer Safety 101: Tips to Reduce Summertime Risks

    || 28-Jul-2016

    Summer presents a number of unique risks and dangers. With more people out and about and more activities, there are a lot of ways accidents and injuries can occur. At The Dunnion Law Firm, we’ve seen trends in the cases we get during the summer, and many involve water-related accidents, traffic accidents, and outdoor-related injuries. Although the negligence of others can make it difficult ...
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  • Insurance Company Tells Injured Man He Could Not Be Hurt

    || 26-Jul-2016

    A long time Gustine resident had his world shocked twice one spring afternoon in 2015. Another car backed out of the driveway into the side of his pickup as he was driving down a residential street. The impact sent him for a spin and injured his shoulder, which eventually needed surgery. It was an accident, careless but not malicious and the man could understand accidents happen. What occurred ...
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  • Teenager Receives Policy Limits Settlement From Fellow Student

    || 19-Jul-2016

    A 16 year old female student was walking home from school as part of her route was to cross Tahoe Street near Quince Avenue in Carthers, Fresno County, California. She was in the crosswalk well into the street when a fellow male student was inattentive for unknown reasons and struck her with a 2015 Buick Lacrosse. The teenage girl was thrown violently to the pavement in front of the automobile. At ...
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  • In the early morning hours of March 19, 2015, our client was commuting from his home in Hanford to his job in Fresno when he was struck by a motorist who fell asleep at the wheel after an all-nighter at the casino. The collision damaged the acromioclavicular joint in our client’s left shoulder, and he had to undergo a shoulder surgery. The dozing driver who caused the collision only had ...
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  • Most car accident victims do not experience terrifying car crashes. The majority of accidents are simple rear-end and side impact accidents. One Visalia hospital receptionist was severely traumatized when a reckless and speeding driver impacted her and then flipped several times in front of her. She watched as that car was visibly destroyed in the road. She believed the person inside that car was ...
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