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Big Trucks are dangerous.

Big Trucks are dangerous.

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 20-Jun-2016

A Bakersfield man was driving on highway 119 late at night in the fog. A truck driver, pulling a 60 foot trailer decided to attempt a u-turn on the two lane road and jackknifed sideways blocking both lanes. The trailer was blocking both lanes and the man had no chance to avoid hitting it. The silver trailer blended with the foggy sky and with no lights or flares alerting oncoming drivers the trailer was not visible until it was way too late.

The CHP report blamed the man accusing him of speeding and completely disregarding the illegal turning movement of the truck which essentially set a trap for the next car that came along. The insurance carrier for the truck had no problem sending out a quick denial without a blink of the eye.

The man did not stand for it and he turned to The Dunnion Law Firm. We specialize in all personal injury claims, but big rig trucking accidents are one of our primary focuses. The carrier was given one opportunity to make a reasonable offer and thereafter a suit was quickly filed, alleging punitive damages because of the truck drivers gross indifference to the safety of all motorists on the highway that night.

Less than a month after the accident, the carrier changed its tune and a reasonable settlement was negotiated in less than sixty days.

If you are not at fault, don’t listen to the insurance carrier, call The Dunnion Law Firm.