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Homeless Man Gets Millions After A Tragic Semi - Truck Accident

Homeless Man Gets Millions After A Tragic Semi - Truck Accident

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 21-Jun-2016

The Dunnion Law Firm’s clients were a young Fresno homeless man and his sister, who were walking on the side of the road on Golden State Boulevard by Hwy 99 on a cold December morning on their way to the recycling center to cash in aluminum cans. The driver of a semi truck, employed by a well known local dairy, had exited the freeway and was speeding back towards the plant. Suddenly, the sister noticed a side lift gate on the semi truck was extended as it was driving down the road and she jumped out of the way at the last moment. Unfortunately, she turned back to see the lift gate violently strike her brother. As a result, her brother lay on the roadway in the rain bleeding to death and his right leg was severed. After multiple surgeries, doctors could not save his leg and it was amputated above his knee. The Dunnion Law Firm was hired by the family and we came to the hospital to meet the victims.

The Fresno Police investigated and blamed a “mechanical failure”. The driver told police he secured the lift gate chain and secured it. However, when the police went to the company plant to inspect the truck, the lift gate was, in fact, unsecured and the safety chain had not been used. The driver was fired 9 days after the crash, but the insurance company for the dairy offered only $1M dollars early on, hoping our homeless clients would take the money. Although most attorneys would have jumped on this offer and settled for quick money, The Dunnion Law Firm knew rejected it and filed a lawsuit. After over a year of intense litigation, which revealed more insurance, and their driver finally admitted that he had not secured the lift and had not checked it like he told police, The Dunnion Law Firm reached a multi-million dollar settlement with the dairy.

Our client who was hit will receive millions of dollars over his lifetime to pay for medical care and compensate him for his tragic injuries, and he will never need to work or worry about finances again. His sister will receive $250,000 just for witnessing her brother’s accident.

The lift gate manufacturer was also sued for designing a defective and dangerous product. They have denied our clients’ claims and the case is set for trial in January, 2017.