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It can happen that fast.

It can happen that fast.

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 2-Jun-2016

A Mariposa man was going home from work in the passenger seat with a friend and co-worker driving. Without any warning, a car coming the opposite direction crossed the center line hitting them head on. In the blink of an eye, both drivers were killed and the Mariposa man was left fighting for his life. He sustained multiple fractures, including his pelvis, his leg, and his ankle. The hip was also dislocated and he had multiple severe lacerations and abrasions.

Facing multiple surgeries, the man turned to The Dunnion Law Firm for help. Locating the police report, the insurance, gathering medical bills, making sure everything is covered, were all tasks that were overwhelming to a family that needed to focus on getting well, not insurance claims.

In less than two months, all insurance proceeds available were offered to the man by the multiple insurance carriers. All before the man was even recovered.

Don’t face this kind of tragedy by yourself. We are here to help.