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Clovis Man hit by inattentive driver.

Clovis Man hit by inattentive driver.

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 25-Mar-2016

A pedestrian was crossing Barstow Avenue in Clovis, CA, when a car came speeding down the street and ran him down. The man suffered multiple broken bones, torn ligaments in both knees, and was told he would be in the hospital for months. The police blamed the man because he was not in a crosswalk.

The man was hurt, scared, being blamed for the accident and he did not know what to do. He decided to call The Dunnion Law Firm for help.

A quick investigation by the experienced attorneys at The Dunnion Law Firm revealed the woman not only was speeding, but the man was visible to the driver for more than sufficient time that if she had been paying attention and slowed her vehicle slightly, the accident would have never happened.

The man was not in a crosswalk and he accepted his responsibility, but the woman, who shared in the responsibility for the accident was not blamed by the police.

The evidence from the investigation was presented to the woman’s insurance carrier, Geico, and they immediately recognized the strength of the arguments made by The Dunnion Law Firm and they tendered the woman’s $100,000.00 policy limit in less than a month after the investigation began.

If you don’t know were to turn and your injured through the fault of others, call The Dunnion Law Firm.