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Fresno couple thrown for a loop by insurance companies

Fresno couple thrown for a loop by insurance companies

Posted By Dunnion Law Firm || 7-Mar-2016

Everything seemed so straight forward. The other driver ran a stop sign and slammed into their car causing enough damage to total the couple’s Toyota 4Runner. The policy report confirmed the other person ran the stop sign. The auto insurance should just pay them for their injuries, right.

Unfortunately, the insurance company had different ideas. The couple were in their 70's and the insurance company thought they could save a few dollars by blaming the injuries on prior conditions and normal degeneration that everyone in their 70's is bound to have. She had fractured toes, they said "it’s just your toes." He thought he had a fractured finger, but the insurance company pointed out that the doctor said it "might" be broken so they would not consider it.

After 8 months trying to handle the matter themselves, they turned to The Dunnion Law Firm. The records were collected, the couple was sent to an orthopedic doctor to make sure there was nothing more severe wrong, and then a demand was sent to the insurance company. The insurance company kept playing games and a lawsuit was filed immediately. When the litigation adjuster first saw the file, she called begging The Dunnion Law Firm to take a policy limits settlement.

Luckily for the couple, they had a large underinsured motorist policy so they will get the compensation they deserve even though the negligent young girl that caused the accident did not have sufficient limits.

The moral of this story is first, make sure you carry underinsured motorist coverage to protect yourself, and second, don’t let those insurance companies push you around. Call The Dunnion Law Firm.