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Oakhurst man caught in the lies of others.

Oakhurst man caught in the lies of others.

Posted By Dunnion Law Firm || 4-Mar-2016

A semi-retired 71 year old man was driving through his hometown of Oakhurst when the inattention and laziness of another driver literally shattered his world.

A semi-truck was pulling into a grocery store, crossing the road. The retired Oakhurst resident slowed to allow the truck to complete his turn. The lazy and inattentive driver behind the man did not. The negligent driver slammed into the back of the man pushing his vehicle forward into the trailer of the semi-truck.

The impact caused such force that the man’s seat and steering wheel both broke, along with his upper and lower jaw. The impact was so hard that not only did his jaw break, but his shoulder was twisted and torn to the point of needing surgery. The man believed it was just an accident, nobody wanted to hurt him, but he expected the man’s insurance to pay the bills.

The negligent, lazy, and inattentive man had other ideas. He claimed at the scene, and produced a witness to corroborate his story, that the retired Oakhurst resident hit the Semi-truck first, causing the damages including broken jaw and ruptured shoulder socket. The man’s insurance carrier had no problem making every effort to avoid payment by claiming they were not responsible for the Oakhurst resident’s injuries.

The man turned to The Dunnion Law Firm for help. He could not tell his attorney what happened easily, his jaw was wired shut. He saw the very active lifestyle he enjoyed at the young age of 70 grinding to a halt because of these serious injuries. No more traveling, operating his own business, fishing trips, all of it seemed like it was over.

The Dunnion Law Firm did not let the lazy negligent’s man’s lies prevent the truth from coming out. After 18 months of stalling and delays by the insurance company, after the deposition of the injured person, the insurance company finally saw the light and agreed to pay the man their insured’s $100,000.00, in addition to those amounts collected from the insurance company of the semi-truck who made the left turn that started the whole thing.

Now, The Dunnion Law Firm is proceeding against the man’s underinsured motorist carrier . . . To be continued.

October 2016 Update.

The Dunnion Law Firm extracted a policy limits offer, an additional $150,000.00, from the underinsured motorist carrier for this client. This brings his total settlement to $250,000.00.