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Difficult to prove an anxiety disorder in case

Difficult to prove an anxiety disorder in case

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 17-May-2016

One of the most difficult cases for people to prove is an anxiety disorder. It is the type of injury that insurance companies distrust the most. The adjusters are trained to have a bias against severe emotional distress claims.

In 2013, when a San Leandro woman was run off the road by a large semi-truck, she began to experience severe emotional distress and anxiety. When she obtained the police report and learn that the police did not identify the large truck, her anxiety was further heightened. She went to the doctors, they ran tests, but nobody had a solution and she continued to experience severe nervousness and anxiety, especially when driving. She changed her lifestyle having others driver her, she avoided freeways at all costs. In the bay area, there is no way to get around without using freeways.

She received some chiropractic care for her neck pain, sought counseling for her anxiety, she even went to a neuropsychologist for evaluation. Her own insurance company discounted her claims at it was necessary for The Dunnion Law Firm to demand arbitration and litigate against the insurance company to get them to complete a fair evaluation of the case. In the end, the insurance company came around and paid a fair amount to the woman.

No matter what your injury is, do not let the insurance companies tell you that you are not injured or that your injuries have no value. Call The Dunnion Law Firm.