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Will Self-Driving Cars Help Prevent Accidents in San Jose?

Will Self-Driving Cars Help Prevent Accidents in San Jose?

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 13-Oct-2016

People can be resistant to change. We’ve been known to fall in love with the familiar and resist new ideas and current trends. In terms of driving, many individuals relish the act of sitting behind the wheel, maneuvering along miles of smooth asphalt with the press of a pedal. All things change, however, and driving is no exception. The advent of self-driving cars has arrived, and it’s time to seriously consider the advantages to a world where manually-operated vehicles are obsolete. The often-crowded streets of San Jose, California could benefit greatly from the rise of the self-driving vehicle. Dunnion Law Firm wants you to know the potential impacts of self-driving cars so you can decide for yourself whether this new technology should be embraced.

The Benefits of Self-Driving Cars

A recently released report by McKinsey & Co. has revealed some startling results in terms of the benefits that self-driving cars can provide to society. According to the study, countless fatal traffic accidents could be avoided if self-driving cars become the norm. An astounding 90 percent of all automobile crashes could be eliminated, and the costs of property damage and personal injuries could plummet by $190 billion. The day may be fast approaching when you no longer see fender benders or ambulances along the shoulders of San Jose roads.

Evidence of the Growing Trend

McKinsey predicts that the first fully-automated vehicles will be hitting the streets by the next decade. The organization goes so far as to claim that auto-piloted cars will be widely adopted in about 15 years. Elon Musk of Tesla Motors foresees the first fully-automated cars being ready for market within five years. These predictions could be far off the mark, however, as we’ve seen predictions for technological advancements proven wrong so many times in the past.

The movement toward full automation has been growing, though. Mercedes-Benz, Google and Uber are all investing money into developing new, self-piloted vehicles. Currently, manually-operated cars are steadily being enhanced with computer technologies. In 2014, 1.4 percent of new vehicles implemented adaptive, computer assisted cruise control. 8.4 percent of vehicles were equipped with technology that prevents lane-departure and 10.1 percent were equipped with blind-spot alerts.

Maybe They’re Not All They’re Cracked Up to Be

Some people have spoken out about the overhype of automated vehicles. Ryan Eustice, professor of robotics, claims many problems haven’t been addressed in terms of safety for self-driving cars. Weather conditions, unforeseen road deterioration, poor mapping and dynamical situations will all hamper the safe performance of self-driving vehicles. It is impossible to predict every obstacle and variable encountered on the road, and the technology of self-driving cars could fall prey to the same mistakes made by human drivers.

Other Potential Impacts from the Development of Self-Driving Cars

The McKinsey report also claims that insurance companies will begin evaluating insurance rates based on the probability of technical failures in fully-automated vehicles, rather than on individual driver risk levels. Regardless of whether self-driving cars take over the roads from manually-operated vehicles, the push toward developing the technology will advance the field of robotics tremendously. We could see a wealth of new inventions rise from the research put towards automated cars.

Contact a San Jose Car Accident Lawyer at Dunnion Law Firm

We may experience a massive shift in the way we drive, or we may not. For now, however, having auto accidents is an unfortunate reality for drivers. If that unfortunate occurrence befalls you, contact Dunnion Law Firm to hire a trusted San Jose car accident lawyer.

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