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3 Improper Tactics Used to Derail Personal Injury Victims

3 Improper Tactics Used to Derail Personal Injury Victims

Posted By Dunnion Law Firm || 28-Sep-2016

Insurance is one of those necessary evils that we all have to have. We spend years paying into this system and when an accident or something unfortunate occurs, we expect for the insurance company to honor their end of the deal and pay. However, some of the more unscrupulous companies have had a history of denying perfectly legitimate claims. They use several different techniques to unfairly deny you your rightful claim. California residents who feel they have been unfairly treated by their insurance company should read on to see a few of these tactics and discover how a personal injury lawyer can help you.


Exclusion applies to certain claims that are purposefully omitted in a policy. Ideally, these exclusions are stated clearly and in forthright language. However, sometimes insurance companies will hide these clauses in fine print and use dense, vague language to intentionally mislead policy holders. Sometimes, though not always, these exclusions can be illegal. Insurance companies have been known to dismiss a claim based on these hard-to-find exemptions. Due to the verbose nature of many insurance policies, it is often difficult for someone without knowledge of the applicable laws to find and recognize these exemptions.

Incorrect Claim

More often than not, when a policyholder must file a claim, it is after a traumatic event such as a car wreck or homeowner’s accident. These unfortunate life events do happen, and we tend to not be in the best frame of mind in the immediate aftermath. When we file the proper claims in these conditions, we are usually not thinking clearly or are distraught. In these circumstances, it is very easy to make a mistake in our claim. Insurance companies can, and have, denied claims outright based on small technicalities such as dates and times. In the trying times immediately following an accident, it is a good idea to have somebody on your side that knows the proper channels and can do the leg work of filing a claim without making mistakes that could cost you your entire claim.

Denying Liability

Certain insurance companies will deny claims based on the fact that the policyholder was engaging in a “high risk” activity, such as riding ATVs or certain adventure sports. While these particular exemptions may not be specifically mentioned in your insurance policy, an insurance company might try to deny your claim based on this. If they deem you, the policyholder, to be “at fault,” they will attempt to deny your claim. They will claim that there may be something in your policy that absolves them of having to pay you. A personal injury lawyer will know to aggressively fight this assertion and not just take the insurance company at its word.

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