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When the Insurance Company tells you that you are not hurt, call The Dunnion Law Firm.

When the Insurance Company tells you that you are not hurt, call The Dunnion Law Firm.

Posted By Dunnion Law Firm || 14-Sep-2016

A Watsonville teenager was a passenger with his life long best friend when the friend failed to slow for a curve in the road and the collision with a wall resulted in the friend’s death. The teenager sustained serious injuries, from which he recovered, but the emotional trauma was overwhelming.

The friend turned out to be uninsured and so the teenager and his family turned to The Dunnion Law Firm. The family had uninsured motorist coverage and even though the teenager was not listed on the policy, he qualified for coverage and The Dunnion Law Firm undertook presenting the claim to the insurance carrier.

The insurance company was not sympathetic. Since there were no surgeries and no broken bones, the insurance company took the position the claim was small.

The emotional trauma was not easily overcome and the teenager ultimately tried to hurt himself wishing he was dead instead of his friend. The insurance company continued to deny the injury was serious and denied the emotional trauma caused the boy to try to hurt himself.

The Dunnion Law Firm filed for arbitration and produced not only the boy, but also the family members of the boy so the insurance company would be forced to consider the evidence that would be produced at trial.

After a ten minute deposition of the boy’s mother, the attorney for the insurance company asked for an additional two days to get the authority to pay the policy limit, because it was obvious from the mother’s testimony that the emotional trauma the teenager experienced was real. An offer for the $250,000.00 policy limit was received about 24 hours later.

Don’t let the insurance company tell you your injuries are not serious. Get the proper medical treatment to get well and call The Dunnion Law Firm.