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Man hit by tourist’s rental car in Yosemite National Park makes rental car company pay big for it

Man hit by tourist’s rental car in Yosemite National Park makes rental car company pay big for it

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 5-Apr-2017

A Mariposa County man was struck head-on by a tourist’s rental vehicle inside the park while on his way home from work. The defendant driver, a foreigner, not familiar with the rules of the road in California, struck the man head on after rounding a turn with such force that both vehicles were rendered total losses. The man and the two passengers in the negligent defendant driver’s vehicle were all injured.

The man was rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment. He suffered a fractured clavicle and a fractured foot, which required fusion surgery and injections to repair, as well as multiple bruises throughout his body and sprained knees. Luckily, most of his treatment was covered under his workers’ compensation insurance, but the additional treatment he needed would not be covered, so The Dunnion Law Firm helped him find a doctor that would take him as a patient without insurance.

The insurance company for the defendant driver did not take the man’s claim seriously and initially offered him only $10,000.00 to settle his claim. Thankfully, the man turned to The Dunnion Law Firm for help, and it was immediately recognized that he had a claim far in excess of the insurance company’s offer.

The defendant driver purchased a minimal policy of insurance on the rental car she reserved. Thanks to the expertise of The Dunnion Law Firm, it was discovered that the vehicle had a larger policy of insurance in excess of the minimal policy which was now available to the man to rightfully compensate him for his pain, suffering, lost earnings and medical bills.

The insurance company put up a fight, but The Dunnion Law Firm would not back down. In the end, The Dunnion Law firm was able to make the insurance pay a seven figure global policy limit which was to be split between the man and the two passengers in the defendant’s vehicle. With medical bills only approximately, $20,000.00, the man did not expect his portion of the settlement to be much. However, The Dunnion Law Firm was able to get him over 1/3 of the seven figure policy limit, and he was very happy.