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Blog Posts in August, 2017

  • Wrongful Death Lawsuits: Suing a Pharmaceutical Company

    || 23-Aug-2017

    Millions of Americans rely on prescription drugs every year to treat illnesses that can be temporary or ongoing. We use prescriptions for everything from the common cold or the flu to HIV and cancer. What happens when you become the victim of an unexpected side effect of a drug you thought was safe? In some cases, you can file a product liability claim to recover damages for the additional ...
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  • How Pedestrians Can Avoid Accidents at a Festival

    || 16-Aug-2017

    When you’re headed to a festival with friends and family, all you want to do is enjoy some great food, fine local culture, good music, friends, and fun. It’s basically a chance to go to a giant community party and forget about life for a day or so. Unfortunately, it’s also a place that’s ripe for accidents and injury and a lot of people get hit by cars at festivals every ...
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  • Disabled Man Relies Upon Dash Cam to Prove Liability.

    || 7-Aug-2017

    After sustaining a significant head injury in a motor vehicle accident, a Walnut Creek man installed a dash cam on his car so he would have evidence to prove who was at fault if he ever had another accident. In 2014, the man’s luck ran out again and a negligent driver ran a red light pulling right in front of the man as he drove through an intersection. It was all caught on tape. The woman ...
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  • Woman Hit by Commercial Vehicle Gets $125,000

    || 3-Aug-2017

    Our client was a passenger in a vehicle driven by her god-daughter. They were in Bakersfield and stopped in traffic when a box truck slammed them from behind causing them serious injuries. Our client was shaken up and taken to the hospital. She followed up with her regular doctor and underwent a course of physical therapy. She underwent an MRI because her symptoms would not subside, and an MRI of ...
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  • We represented a woman who was working as a security guard when a negligent driver struck her. Because our client was on the job when she was hit, she had both a workers’ compensation claim and a liability claim against the at-fault driver. Although a workers’ compensation and a third party injury cases are separate, there are important and complicated interactions between the two. For ...
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