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Disabled Man Relies Upon Dash Cam to Prove Liability.

Disabled Man Relies Upon Dash Cam to Prove Liability.

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 7-Aug-2017

After sustaining a significant head injury in a motor vehicle accident, a Walnut Creek man installed a dash cam on his car so he would have evidence to prove who was at fault if he ever had another accident.

In 2014, the man’s luck ran out again and a negligent driver ran a red light pulling right in front of the man as he drove through an intersection. It was all caught on tape. The woman claimed to the police that she had a green light. The man showed the police the dash cam video and the police report accurately blamed the woman.

The woman reported to the insurance company that she had a green light and the insurance company stated they intended to deny the man’s claim for injury. He turned to The Dunnion Law Firm, who, with the assistance of the dash cam video, forced the insurance company and the defendant to admit to liability in the face of indisputable proof.

The man injured his shoulder and aggravated a condition in his elbow which required surgery. The insurance company, even though they were forced to admit liability, tried to minimize the settlement all the way up to the pre-trial settlement conference when, with the assistance from the judge, The Dunnion Law Firm extracted a settlement three times any amount ever offered.