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How Pedestrians Can Avoid Accidents at a Festival

How Pedestrians Can Avoid Accidents at a Festival

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 16-Aug-2017

When you’re headed to a festival with friends and family, all you want to do is enjoy some great food, fine local culture, good music, friends, and fun. It’s basically a chance to go to a giant community party and forget about life for a day or so. Unfortunately, it’s also a place that’s ripe for accidents and injury and a lot of people get hit by cars at festivals every year across the nation.

How do you ensure you stay safe at your big community event, and what options do you have when you are involved in an accident? Learn how pedestrians can avoid getting hit by cars at a festival and how a San Jose car accident attorney can help you seek compensation for injuries.

Safety at Festivals

Staying safe at a festival means staying clear-headed and aware at all times. You can still have a good time, but you just need to know where everyone is and be aware of the dangers around you. If you need to cross the street, make sure you cross at a crosswalk or intersection, and with the light. Never jaywalk. If there’s alcohol present, be aware of how much you’re drinking. Intoxication can affect pedestrians as much as drivers.

Even more, know exactly where the traffic patterns are and the heavier concentration of cars, and try to avoid these areas. When you do cross the street, always assume that the drivers of the cars aren’t paying attention and are going to do the wrong thing. That way, if a driver does make a mistake, you’ll be better poised to act to avoid getting hurt.

Damages for Injuries

When you’re hit by a car, there are a number of various compensatory damages you can collect. These are divided into two categories. The first category is called special damages, and these are the obvious ones that are easy to value. These include doctor’s bills, medical procedures, medication, transportation to medical care, lost wages, lost potential future compensation and the like.

The second category is known as general damages. These are more subjective in nature and more difficult to value. They include pain and suffering, emotional damages, lost companionship, loss of consortium, damage to your quality of life and even punitive damages if the accident was caused by truly gross negligence.

To collect these damages, you’ll need to prove the driver’s responsibility.

Proving Negligence

Negligence is the key factor in an injury claim and requires a few basic elements:

1. The driver had a duty to avoid putting others in danger by driving safely.

2. The driver violated that duty, which led to an accident.

3. The accident in question was the proximate or direct cause of the damages and injuries suffered.

These may seem fairly straightforward, but they’re not always easy to demonstrate. For example, if you were drinking when the accident happened, the defense may be able to cast doubt on the driver’s responsibility based on this fact.

San Jose Car Accident Attorney

Your best bet to prove negligence and get the compensation you deserve is to hire a San Jose car accident attorney like those at the Dunnion Law Firm. We’ve helped many people collect damages for their injuries, and we’re ready to help you as well. Give us a call for more information today!
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