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Christmas Tree Safety Guide

Christmas Tree Safety Guide

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 13-Dec-2017

One of the most exciting parts of the holiday season is finding the perfect Christmas tree for your living room. The smell of pine, strings of lights and colorful ornaments do wonders to light up a room and make all your guests feel at home. You would be remiss to leave this important detail out of your holiday decorations, so make sure you’re being being safe.

Like most other winter decorations, a Christmas tree poses fire hazards. Even a small fire can spread fast if it makes contact with your tree. In this article, you will find Christmas tree safety tips, so you can enjoy your beautiful tree while keeping you and your family safe this holiday season.

Picking & Placing

Christmas tree needles are a hassle to clean up, but did you know they can also pose as a fire hazard? Needles fall off trees when they’re old, and they happen to be more flammable as they decay. This creates an unsafe environment around the base of your tree, meaning that any potential fire won’t have to spread as far. Pick a tree with plenty of fresh green needles.

When it’s time to place your tree, you need to do some preparation first. Cut two inches from the base of the trunk to give the tree a flat bottom before you put it in the stand. Orient the stand at least three feet away from heat sources like candles, lights, radiators or fireplaces. Don’t block any exists with your tree, and make sure you keep it freshly watered every day.

Lighting the Tree

When you buy lights for your tree, make sure they’ve been tested in a laboratory. Some lights only work well when used indoors or outdoors, not both. Look for broken cords and bulb connections that aren’t attached properly. These need to be replaced before you run power to your lights.

Candles make for beautiful decorations on your mantle and terrible decorations for your tree. Don’t ever use lit candles as tree decorations as that little flame could easily turn into a blazing inferno. Remember that Christmas tree fires aren’t all that common, but when they do happen, they are very serious and can do massive damage. Just to be doubly safe, turn off your Christmas tree lights before you go to bed or leave the house.

Disposing of the Tree

As your tree gets older, it becomes more and more flammable. The needles will stay green through the holiday season, but the unnoticeable decay can make your tree more flammable. In fact, 40 percent of Christmas tree fires occur in January which is more than any other month. Make sure you get them out of your home before they become too dry.

A lot of communities have recycling programs for trees, so you can put your old tree to good use. If you do decide to throw it away, however, get it wet first to deter any potential fires that could occur. Remember that putting the old tree in your garage isn’t good enough. It needs to be a considerable distance away from your house for safe disposal.

California Personal Injury Lawyer

If you adhere to these Christmas tree safety tips, you’re much more likely to have a safe and enjoyable holiday season. Should you or a family member get injured in an unfortunate tree fire, however, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to help you take the next steps.

The expert attorneys at Dunnion Law Firm can help with your case this holiday season just as they’ve helped so many other victims over the past 40 years. Contact us online or call (800) U-NEED-US today to talk to a real lawyer and schedule a free consultation.
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