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Disabled San Jose Man Hit By a Car While Walking in a Cross-walk, is Not Believed By Police or The Insurance Company, Obtains $1

Disabled San Jose Man Hit By a Car While Walking in a Cross-walk, is Not Believed By Police or The Insurance Company, Obtains $100,000 as a Just Settlement for an Accident Caused by a Lying Driver

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 9-Feb-2017

Our client, a 60 year old department store clerk, never caught a break early in life. When he was a very young child, he suffered a stroke that gave him a permanent limp and lifelong seizures. He managed to complete his college education, marry and raise a family despite these infirmities. He also managed to keep many jobs over his lifetime, including the one he had at the time of the accident, a job at Macys for over 15 years. But on one evening, while he was on his way home from Macys, his entire life changed. He was hit by a negligent driver while in the cross walk. The investigating officers interviewed both parties and reported that the pedestrian was partly at fault. The driver denied any fault at the scene and pointed his finger at the pedestrian despite the fact that the pedestrian had the "walk" sign. This disabled man came to The Dunnion Law Firm to help him get justice and compensation for his serious knee injuries. Dunnion filed and took immediate action in court. Accident reconstruction experts and medical experts were hired. The driver underwent a grueling deposition in which he admitted he should have yielded to the pedestrian in the crosswalk. Yet, despite this admission, the driver’s insurance company refused to take responsibility for the knee surgery that was recommended by the man’s doctors. The company blamed his pre-existing disability for his need for surgery. This disabled man was being taken advantage of by a large corporation that had no compassion for this man’s life story. Close to trial, Dunnion warned the insurance company that it would pursue an amount far over their driver’s $100,000 policy limits at trial. At mediation, the insurance company gave in and offered all of the policy limits. This was justice and a well-deserved vindication for this man. Dunnion will fight aggressively for every client especially when they are being taken advantage of by insurance companies. This has been Dunnion’s mission for the last 45 years and this commitment continues.