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Hurt at a Construction Site? Here's What You Should Know

Hurt at a Construction Site? Here's What You Should Know

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 14-Feb-2017

Construction sites are dangerous places. They’re also everywhere these days, it seems. On every block of the city it feels like you can’t walk down the street without encountering fences and orange signs. Of course, those warning signs and barriers are an important means of keeping people safe.

But what happens when a construction worker or company makes a mistake, and a tragic accident results, resulting with you getting hurt and potentially disabled? The answer, of course, is that you may be entitled to compensation from the company for your injuries. Explore what happens when you’re hurt at a construction site, how you can pursue compensation for damages, and how a lawyer can help.

How People Get Hurt at a Construction Site

There are a vast number of mistakes which can lead people getting hurt at a construction site. For the most part, these are due to someone, somewhere being negligent in their duties, and that’s the key to a personal injury claim. Among the most common causes of construction-related injuries include:

- Lack of warning signs: all construction sites are required to post warnings that there’s work going on which carries a risk of injury. These signs should be posted all around the site, at every point of access, and clearly visible.

- Lack of barricades: Safety protocols demand that pedestrians are kept at a proper and safe distance from the work zone so as to avoid accidents related to falling objects. Sometimes barricades aren’t sufficient to keep pedestrians out, or aren’t far enough away from the zone.

- Poor inspection and maintenance of equipment: When heavy machinery and equipment isn’t maintained and inspected properly, disasters can occur. Old cords, cables, chains and the like can snap and cause harm to passers-by.

- Improper securing of tools and machinery: More than any other incident, falling tools cause injuries to innocent people around a construction zone. These should always be carefully secured to prevent accidents.

Pursuing an Injury Case

In order to pursue a case for damages from your accident, you’ll need to prove that there was negligence involved. This involves three factors: first, that the construction company had a duty to maintain a safe zone; second, that they violated that duty by failing to do so; and finally, that this violation caused an accident that resulted in harm or injury.

How to Seek Damages

In order to seek damages and recover compensation for your mounting medical expenses, your lost wages, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, lost quality of life and other issues you’ll need to know how to gather the information you need to support your claim. The best way to do this is with the help of a qualified California personal injury lawyer.

The attorneys at Dunnion Law Firm have a long legacy of representing injured people in a wide variety of cases, and we can help you get justice for your accident as well. If you’d like more information or to get started with your case, give us a call for a completely free consultation today.
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