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Blog Posts in January, 2017

  • How Do Personal Injury Attorneys Mediate Claims?

    || 31-Jan-2017

    The traditional legal system is not only expensive, but highly stressful and adversarial as well as taking up a lot of time. As such, there has been a movement away from taking personal injury cases to court and having a judge make the decision. These days, for the most part, injury cases are settled using a process called mediation. Everyone involved recognizes how valuable this process is, and ...
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  • Commercial Truck Blows Stop Sign and Injures Elderly Fresno County Woman

    || 30-Jan-2017

    An 80 year old Selma woman was the unfortunate victim of a commercial truck driver who ran a stop sign directly into the path of her pickup, causing her to break several ribs. A widow who treasures living independently, she found she could no longer care for her home on her own. Her children urged her to consider an assisted living facility, but the woman refused and did her best to manage her ...
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  • I Slipped and Fell at an Apartment Complex, Do I Need a Lawyer?

    || 26-Jan-2017

    Suffering a slip and fall accident can be a traumatizing experience, both emotionally and physically. In addition to trying to recover from your injury, you need to find a way to support yourself until you can return to work, which is why many people choose to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, if you’ve fallen in a rented apartment or house, then you might be wondering if you’re ...
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  • Spinal Cord Injury Lawsuits: What You Should Know

    || 24-Jan-2017

    Spinal cord injuries are some of the worst, most debilitating injuries people can suffer from. Very often, people can’t completely recover from them, and suffer some form of lifelong injury or even disability as a result. Those who can recover often face a long, painful and expensive road to getting their life back. It can be truly devastating for the injured party and all of their loved ...
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  • How Are Personal Injury Settlements Negotiated?

    || 19-Jan-2017

    It would be really nice if personal injury claims were simple enough that the responsible parties just stepped up to the plate, took responsibility for what happened, and paid out. Unfortunately, it rarely happens that way and it falls upon attorneys to argue and fight for the rights of the injured person, to ensure they can pay for their medical bills and keep control of their lives. The ...
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  • Madera Bicyclist Gets $100,000 Policy Limits Settlement

    || 17-Jan-2017

    Our client came to us with a difficult case. A woman had struck him while he was riding his bicycle and he had suffered a fractured spine. Unfortunately, the police report placed our client 100% at fault based on an independent witness who said our client rode his bicycle directly into the path of the woman’s van. There was also evidence that our client was under the influence of alcohol. We ...
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  • I Got Sick on a Cruise - Do I Have Legal Options?

    || 17-Jan-2017

    Cruise ship illnesses and injuries are surprisingly common, and when they happen, people often feel that the circumstances are a lot different than when a similar thing happens on land. They wonder if they can sue the cruise line for damages and liability. The truth is that there are certain circumstances where you can file suit against the company, and some circumstances where you can’t. ...
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  • Careless driver strikes motorcycle causing rider to lose his leg.

    || 16-Jan-2017

    A man was out for a weekend motorcycle ride on his Harley Davidson when a careless woman pulled out from a parking lot striking the right side of the motorcycle pinning his right leg between the car bumper and the motorcycle. The man’s injuries were life altering. The man was airlifted to the trauma unit in Fresno, California, where he remained hospitalized for a full month before being ...
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  • Do I Have a Defective Product Liability Claim?

    || 12-Jan-2017

    Personal injury lawsuits are some of the most complicated cases that there are, and this complication is increased when a defective product causes your injury. Product liability law covers a wide variety of cases and injury types, making it important you learn more about the ins and outs of these cases before you file your claim. With the right knowledge and legal advice, you should be able to win ...
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  • Are You Watching How Your Guests Drink?

    || 10-Jan-2017

    Hosting a party is a bigger responsibility than many people realize. While you want your guests to have a good time, it’s important that you make sure they drink responsibly, both for their safety and yours. Hosts can actually be held responsible if their guests are involved in a drunk driving accident, making it important you understand your legal responsibility and how to defend yourself. ...
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  • San Francisco Woman Gets $50,000 Policy Limits Settlement

    || 9-Jan-2017

    Our client was driving to an art store to get brushes to paint her 4-year-old daughter’s playhouse when an elderly man took a turn too wide and clipped the front of our client’s car. The jolt from the collision caused our client to hit her left elbow on her driver’s side door. Our client did not feel any pain at first, so she exchanged insurance information with the other driver ...
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  • Skiing and Snowboarding Accidents: What You Need to Know

    || 5-Jan-2017

    Winter time is upon us, and with winter comes all the fun of ski lodges—warm fires in the lodge, great fine dining with your beloved, and, of course, the excitement of hitting the slopes on skis and snowboards. Unfortunately, along with these activities come a lot of injuries that occur on the slopes, and there are legal issues that go along with them. Not every injury on the slopes entitles ...
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  • I Was Hurt on an Airplane - What Can I Do?

    || 3-Jan-2017

    Injuries on aircraft are surprisingly (and thankfully) somewhat rare, but they do occur from time to time. When these incidents happen, people wonder if they can get compensation for their injuries. The answer, as with many other injury claim questions, is “sometimes.” Learn what your legal options are if you’re hurt on an airplane, whether you’re entitled to compensation, ...
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