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Blog Posts in June, 2017

  • Medication Errors: Nursing Home Abuse Cases

    || 28-Jun-2017

    It’s understandably scary to put a loved one in a nursing home. After all, despite being medical professionals, you’re trusting your senior loved one’s entire well-being to the hands of strangers. These facilities have a responsibility to provide for all of the basic needs of their residents, including hygiene, nutrition and medical needs. This means medication as well. ...
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  • Our client, a 36 year old man, with no prior health issues, was struck by a drunk driver on Blythe Avenue, north of Olive Avenue in the County of Fresno, California. It was a little after 9:00 p.m. when our client was driving northbound on Blythe Avenue. Suddenly and without warning, the southbound driver swerved into the left northbound lane directly into our client’s path. The collision ...
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  • A Fresno-based registered nurse and her husband were traveling through San Jose when they were rear-ended not once, but twice, in the same accident. Initially, the two at-fault parties fought between themselves as to which driver caused the greater damage to the nurse’s vehicle and to her spine. It turned out after nearly two years of unsuccessful medical treatment for a chronic and painful ...
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  • How Product Liability Claims are Processed

    || 21-Jun-2017

    Product liability claims can take many different shapes and approaches, depending on the nature of the product and the type of injury suffered by the user. They all, however, revolve around the idea that you were using a product as intended and through no fault of your own, something happened that caused you to suffer a serious consequence. This can be anything from medications without side effect ...
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  • Monterey County Woman’s Breast Implant Ruptures in Accident

    || 20-Jun-2017

    A Monterey County woman was struck by a driver who ran a stop sign. The impact included such force that she was thrown against her seat belt and steering wheel, rupturing one of her breast implants. The woman quickly discovered that her own health insurance company did not want to cover the reconstruction surgery, and she would be responsible for the entire cost, so she turned to The Dunnion Law ...
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  • San Jose Motorcyclist and Passenger Settle for $125,000 Each

    || 16-Jun-2017

    A San Jose man and his girlfriend passenger were riding on his motorcycle when an unsafe driver attempted to make a left turn from the right lane, striking the motorcycle and sending them both flying. Both sustained injury, but luckily, none that were life threatening. They were both rushed to the hospital by ambulance and treated for multiple fractured ribs, road rash, and contusions. Upon ...
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  • Fresno Woman Gers $100,000 Settlement From Intoxicated Driver

    || 15-Jun-2017

    Three years ago, a Reedley woman was driving while intoxicated and caused a collision with our client. Our client was battered and bruised, but fortunately did not suffer any life threatening injuries. The defendant’s conduct was outrageous. Her blood alcohol content was 0.29% (the legal limit in California is 0.08%). She had multiple DUI convictions. And, worst of all, she was drunk driving ...
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  • Woman Gets "Taken For A Ride," Insurance Company Pays Policy

    || 12-Jun-2017

    A Santa Cruz woman went on a drive with an old friend, not knowing that he had been taking drugs. Due to unsafe speed and inattentiveness the friend rolled his truck down an embankment, ejecting the woman out the window and causing injury. When she came to, her adrenaline kicked in and she scrambled up the embankment to the safety of the road, paying no attention to her serious injuries. The ...
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  • An inattentive driver ran a stop sign on Highway 41 and t-boned our client. The forces from the impact fractured our client’s wrist and two of her fingers. Our client worked at local hospital, and her doctors placed her off work for two months due to her injuries. Our client’s broken bones eventually healed, but she was left with a crooked finger. We convinced the insurance company for ...
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  • A retired nuclear engineer and his wife were driving through the Mojave, returning home to San Jose, when they were struck head on by a reckless young woman who was in a hurry. This single negligent act by a careless driver would change this engineer’s life from that day onward. In this horrific crash, the engineer fractured his neck, requiring that he undergo immediate, emergency surgery to ...
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