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Homeowner's Insurance and Injuries: What You Need to Know

Homeowner's Insurance and Injuries: What You Need to Know

Posted By Dunnion Law || 16-Mar-2017

One of the most common places to suffer an injury is in the home, either your own home, or in the home of another person. Depending on the extent of the injury you’ve suffered in someone else’s home, you may be unable to work or pay your mounting bills.

Fortunately, after an injury in a person’s home, you have the option to file a claim against their homeowner’s insurance policy. However, if you’ve never had to file this type of claim before, you need to learn about how these policies cover injuries and the level of compensation you may be entitled to. Learn about homeowner’s insurance and injuries, and find out why you may need legal representation to win your much-needed injury claim.

The Restrictions of Liability Coverage

If the homeowner in your case is responsible, their homeowner’s insurance policy should include liability coverage. Liability coverage is meant to cover injuries that occur in the home. When you file a claim against someone else’s policy, this is known as a third-party claim—first-party claims are made by homeowners against their own policy.

Liability coverage is meant to cover any expenses that result from an injury in the home. Generally, this includes missed income, medical bills and occasionally pain and suffering. However, your expenses will only be covered up to the limit of the policy. If your injuries result in $150,000 of expense but the policy only covers $100,000 worth of damages, you can either pay the remaining bills yourself or try to collect the remaining amount from the homeowner.

It’s also possible that the insurance policy has an umbrella provision to cover extended damages beyond the liability limit.

Demonstrating Fault in Your Case

Virtually every type of injury that a person can suffer in the home will be covered by homeowner’s insurance. However, for you to win your injury claim, you will need to prove the fault of the homeowner. Whatever kind of injury you’ve suffered, it must be proven that the homeowner allowed a dangerous condition to persist in their home and that this is what caused your injuries.

Some types of injuries are automatically eligible for an injury claim and do not require the injured party to prove negligence. In a few states, for instance, dog bites come with strict liability. This means that when someone’s dog bites you, they are liable for your injuries.

The one circumstance when you must file an injury lawsuit to get compensation is when the homeowner injures you on purpose, as in an assault. Injuries that were caused intentionally are not covered by homeowner’s insurance, which is why you would need to file a lawsuit.

Ask an Injury Attorney About Your Claim

To have the best chance of winning your injury claim after you’ve been injured in someone’s home, you need to hire a lawyer from the Dunnion Law Firm. Whether you’re having trouble dealing with the homeowner’s insurance company or are considering filing an injury lawsuit, our attorneys can help you win the compensation you need to cover your expenses.

Discuss your case with a Dunnion Law Firm attorney today.

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