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Thanksgiving Safety Guide

Thanksgiving Safety Guide

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 15-Nov-2017

When you think of Thanksgiving, you probably think of delicious food, spending time with family and eating leftover turkey every day for the following week. However, Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel seasons of the year. If you or your family members plan on traveling this Thanksgiving, make sure you know how to stay safe.

If you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner, you need to make sure you’re staying safe by the stove. Cooking is the number one cause of house fires, so make sure you know the steps to take to avoid a fire and to put it out if one starts. Read more to learn about Thanksgiving safety whether you’re traveling or cooking.

Travel Safety

Millions of people will be traveling all over the country this Thanksgiving, so be prepared for traffic no matter where you go. Most family holidays, like Thanksgiving, instill stress in people that can be hard to deal with, so remember to be courteous to others and patient with traffic. Don’t follow other vehicles too closely and make sure you follow all the rules of the road.

Long road trips can present dangers regardless of the season. If you have a long drive this Thanksgiving, remember to get plenty of rest before your trip. Driving tired can be nearly as bad as driving drunk. If you’re feeling worn down, switch drivers and rest if you can. Make sure you check weather conditions before you leave, so you know what to prepare for. The northern states can get some serious snow in late November.

Cooking Safety

If you find yourself behind the stove this Thanksgiving, you’re probably already prepared for an intimidating cooking challenge. While making sure everything turns out great is important, you need to stay safe while cooking. Make sure you don’t wear loose clothing or sleeves while cooking. Always keep an eye on the stove. If you do have to leave the room, have someone else watch it or turn it off while you’re gone.

Timers are a brilliant way to set reminders. They do a great job of alerting you when the turkey is done, but you can also use them as reminders that the stove or oven is still on. Keep flammable items such as wooden utensils, paper or plastic bags, towels, packaging, pot holders etc away from the oven and stove when not in use. Make sure you regularly clean any cooking surfaces, so grease doesn’t build up. Just in case the worst happens, get a fire extinguisher for your kitchen.

California Personal Injury Lawyer

Thanksgiving safety is essential to an enjoyable holiday, but accidents can still happen. If you’ve suffered a personal injury from a car accident while traveling or a fire while cooking, you need to find an experienced personal injury lawyer. It is important to know what you may be entitled to should one of these unfortunate events happen in your life. The attorneys at the Dunnion Law Firm are happy to help. We take an aggressive, no-nonsense approach to these cases to ensure you get the best results. Contact us online or call (800) U-NEED-US today to schedule a free consultation with a real lawyer.
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