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Case Results

Case Results

Trailer detached from truck- $9,500,000.00

A two-ton trailer of a major shipping company detached from the truck, jumped the guard rails and drove into oncoming traffic on Interstate 5. The Trailer smashed headfirst into a car with a driver and two passengers, causing life-threatening internal injuries and fractures.


Dog Bite: A pit bull/boxer mix viciously attacks a two-year-old girl, tearing off her chin and lower lip to the bone. As her grandmother intervenes to save her, the dog attacks the grandmother, mauling her on the ears, face, and legs. Multiple reconstructive surgeries were required on the young girl's face.

Head-On Collision- $3,000,000.00

A man is hit head-on when another driver crosses the centerline of the the highway, causing him life-threatening injuries, and trapping him in his vehicle for over an hour before he could be evacuated by helicopter.

Minister killed in a tragic car accident- $2,225,000.00

The Dunnion Law Firm obtains over $2,000,000 for a minister's family after minister is killed in a tragic car accident. While driving in Hollister with his daughter, the man was cut off and forced into oncoming traffic, striking a big-rig head-on. This is the largest private settlement in the history of San Benito County for a case of this nature.

Handicapped passenger killed due to not being properly secured- $2,000,000.00

A handicapped passenger was being professionally transported to the hospital for kidney dialysis. Because she was not properly secured, her wheelchair flipped over, causing a serious head injury which eventually lead to her death.

Subcontractor Permanently Disabled- $1,500,000.00

Because rain was expected on an incomplete construction project, defendants covered a hole in the roof with roofing felt. Later, when a subcontractor was working on the roof unaware of the hidden hole, he fell through and landed almost 20 feet below, causing serious fractures throughout his body and permanent disability.

A man was broadsided by an underinsured motorist- $1,360,000.00

A man was broadsided by an underinsured motorist, causing amnesia and fractures throughout his body. The man required a total hip replacement and years of continuing treatment--both physical and psychological.

Young woman buried in rubble- $1,300,000.00

A Wall collapsed in a shopping mall causing serious injuries to a young woman buried in the rubble.

Negligent Driver causes Auto Accident- $1,300,000.00

A negligent driver pulled out from a construction zone immediately in front of another vehicle causing a collision which resulted in serious injuries at the scene and his death shortly thereafter due to blunt force trauma to the chest.

Illegal Turn Causes Motorcycle Accident- $1,250,000.00

A Truck made an illegal left turn in front of motorcyclist. Too late for the motorcyclist to avoid the collision, the truck struck the front of the motorcycle, sustaining multiple fractures, a serious head injury, and nerve damage such that he is no longer able to control his dominant arm. The Dunnion Law Firm recovered the full limits of all available compensation.

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