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After a Car Accident

What to Do After a Car Accident in Northern California

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Experiencing a car accident is a shocking experience and can leave you shaken, no matter the extent of your injuries. It is important, however, to take certain steps to protect your rights and increase your chances of obtaining the fullest amount of compensation possible.

We understand that you may be stressed about many things after your accident. By keeping the following helpful tips in mind, however, your anxiety can be greatly diminished. Let us handle the legalities while you focus all of your attention on recovery and medical treatment.

Learn more about what to do after an accident by reading our short guide below.
If you still have questions or concerns, contact our California car accident lawyers.

Keep These Helpful Tips in Mind After an Automobile Collision

1.) Exchange Insurance and Contact Information with Involved Parties

After a car accident in which injury was caused, the law requires you to exchange details with the other parties concerned as well as render any medical aid necessary to the best of your ability. Of course, you need to make sure you obtain the medical care that you need as a matter of urgency.

2.) Take Photographs and Only Speak with an Attorney Regarding Your Accident

If you are capable of doing so after the accident, take photographs of the scene as well as the vehicles involved. It is also very important that you do not enter into discussions with insurance adjusters. They will endeavor to uncover reasons to pay you as little as possible and can try to persuade you to accept a settlement which they know is much lower than the amount to which you may be entitled.

3.) Seek Professional Medical Attention as a Priority

The extent of your injuries may not be apparent at first but it will be essential to the success of your claim to receive a thorough examination by a medical professional. If you experience any worsening at any time after the fact, return for another appointment.

4.) Keep Record of Your Injuries and Damages

Keep all medical records, financial and otherwise, as proof of the extent of your injuries can only assist with maximizing your claim. As mentioned before, photographic evidence of your injuries, damages, or losses can also be useful.

5.) Retain a Lawyer Immediately

It is vital you contact a California personal injury attorney right away so that they can get started on defending your rights before any evidence or potential witness testimony is lost. As experienced professionals who have represented countless car accident victims throughout Northern California and other surrounding counties, there is little that our legal team has not seen. Without the appropriate guidance and advice, you could lose out on your opportunity to collect the compensation that you deserve after an accident caused by no fault of your own.

No recovery, no fee. Contact The Dunnion Law Firm!

Even if you are unsure as to exactly what or who caused the accident, contact The Dunnion Law Firm for assistance. We can review your case to determine the likelihood that you have a valid claim and conduct a thorough investigation to determine who is legally liable for your injuries. This is at no risk to you as we work on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not have to worry about any legal fees if for some reason we are unable to recover compensation for you.

Take the most important step after an accident.
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