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Catastrophic Injuries

California Catastrophic Injury Lawyer

Catastrophic injuries are life changing events. They affect not just the injured person but the entire family. These injuries require a great deal of adaptation, as well as involve plenty of challenges throughout the lifetime of the injured individual.

Some catastrophic injuries include:

Victims may be completely unable to work again or return to his or her usual profession. There is a loss of income as well as physical injuries which must be addressed legally. The medical care required with these injuries is always very expensive, and there may be life care expenses in the case of an individual who can no longer take care of their own daily needs. In circumstances like these, a highly experienced San Jose injury attorney is urgently necessary to help you and your family receive the money you need and deserve.

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In catastrophic injury cases, you need to select your legal representation very carefully. These cases require investigation by experienced legal professionals, who can gather solid evidence and manage the facts of each case in order to obtain the most optimal results for the client. The firm must have the financial resources to pursue and build the case from beginning to end. A catastrophic injury lawyer must be skilled and have years of success at trial, as well as at the negotiating table.

Oftentimes, the defendants in the case are large insurance companies and corporations with almost unlimited financial resources. Your attorney cannot be intimidated when going up against defendants who take a tough stance against the injury victim. An inexperienced personal injury lawyer can commit errors in the preparation of the claim, during negotiations, or even in trial, which can greatly reduce the amount of compensation a client receives.

Our experienced Northern California personal injury attorneys at The Dunnion Law Firm know how to put a case together with evidence and expert witnesses which can clearly demonstrate to an insurance company, or ultimately a jury, the gross negligence of the defendant. We know that the future of our client depends on our performance. We are painstaking in our preparation of a claim, and aggressive in how we advocate for a client. Call our firm now to discuss the circumstances of your amputation or other catastrophic injury accident during a free case evaluation.

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