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Severe Scarring

Suffering from Severe Scarring?

Severe scarring may result from any serious injury. The most common causes of scars in personal injury cases come from chemical burns, fire burns, car accidents, accidental amputations-, and surgeries performed to repair injuries. Aside from the pain of the initial injury, scars themselves can be a source of ongoing pain as the tissues contract. Beyond this, the emotional or psychological suffering as a result of scars which follow can be the most difficult to endure.

If you or a loved one is facing this kind of a situation, turn to a personal injury attorney immediately who is committed to assisting injured clients with resulting financial burdens so they may move on with their lives.

Clients continue to trust our team at The Dunnion Law Firm because we:

  • Have recovered more than $300,000,000 since 1975
  • Have over 175 years of combined legal experience
  • Have a history of success in dealing with insurance companies
  • Have been recognized by multiple professional associations for our skills

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Have you suffered severe scarring? We could help!

Facial scars often result from exploding air bags, flying glass, or other objects during a car crash. Extensive burn scars are often the most disfiguring and these generally require subsequent medical procedures such as skin grafts and plastic surgeries. Our firm understands how traumatic scars can be and how difficult carrying on one's normal life is with this daily reminder of your accident.

Our legal team at the firm ensures that any claim for damages includes a demand for compensation for not only the past medical expense, but any future treatment, as well as for the on-going pain and suffering. We aggressively look for all damages suffered by a client as an immediate result of the accident and any projected damages in preparing a client's claim for damages. In cases of catastrophic injury caused by especially reckless or negligent conduct, punitive damages will be included in the claim for compensation. A personal injury attorney at our firm will go toe-to-toe in the court room or at the negotiating table with an insurance carrier or a major corporation in order to gain justice for an injured client.

Contact a Montereypersonal injury attorney at our firm who is determined to see justice done for a client injured through careless or reckless behavior.