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Spinal Cord Injuries

California Spinal Cord Injury Attorney

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The nerves in the spinal column transmit communications from the brain to various parts of the body and from the limbs and organs to the brain. When the nerve communication is damaged or broken through an injury to the spinal column and the nerve bundle within it, sensations of pressure, pain, hunger, and other vital messages may be partially or totally unable to reach the brain. Commands to muscles to move may not go through, limiting or completely preventing motion.

In some cases, nerve injury can be repaired through surgical procedures. Unfortunately, in very serious spinal cord injuries, surgery is often either ineffective or not an option, leaving the victim partially or wholly paralyzed. This kind of an injury has a devastating effect on the injured person and the entire family. If your family is in this situation, speak with our California personal injury lawyers at The Dunnion law Firm during a complimentary case evaluation and find out what can be done. Our legal team is prepared to take immediate action to help spinal injury victims.

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A variety of types of accidents can cause a severe spinal cord injury, such as:

Accidents generally result from some kind of reckless conduct or negligence. When this is the case, personal injury law holds the negligent party financially responsible to provide the compensation needed to restore the injured person to his or her former condition. When the injury results in permanent disability, the negligent party is held responsible to provide for the future well-being of the victim as well. These cases are often complex and require enormous skill and resources to see them through to a successful conclusion.

Our firm has the experience to prepare a compelling case and the dedication to see it through complex negotiations or a lengthy trial to a successful conclusion. Every member of our legal team is thoroughly committed to achieving justice for an injured client. Our goal is always to win on behalf of our clients. The compensation you may receive cannot replace abilities which have been lost, but it can pay for the necessities of life and make it possible to have the best quality of life possible after such an injury.

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