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7 Figures Premises Liability

California Truck Driver Attacked by Truck Stop Employee Wins Seven-Figure Settlement

Driving through the country was our client’s job as a trucker but it was also one of his favorite pastimes. He frequently took his BMW convertible on road trips so that he and his wife could visit family during their leisure time.

While driving for work, he stopped at a well-known, national truck stop to get a soda. On returning to his truck, a truck stop employee confronted him claiming that he had ‘illegally parked’ his vehicle. The two exchanged words, and the employee snapped, violently attacking our client with a large push broom, striking his face, hands and arms until he fell to the ground. The severe beating took a devastating physical toll on our then 60-year-old client.

Our client suffered facial fractures, finger fractures, neck damage and nerve injuries, and underwent cervical spine surgery to repair some of the injury. Though doctors recommended additional surgery for nerve damage to his arms, his unrelated health issues deemed him a poor surgical candidate. As a consequence, he is forced to suffer nerve damage to his arms for the rest of his life. His other injuries required extensive physical therapy, plastic surgery consultations and other medical care.

Despite the brutality of the attack and the seemingly unquestionable liability of the truck stop employee, the insurance attorneys attempted to use a legal technicality to claim the employee was not on the job when he attacked our client. Our attorneys vigorously researched, briefed, and argued against their claim, and showed the employee was indeed on the job having worn a work uniform, used a work broom, and acted on behalf of the truck stop to enforce its parking lot rules. Essentially, our attorney forced the insurance attorneys to drop their claim.

Dunnion Law also delivered compelling testimony from its medical experts, as well as virtually indisputable medical evidence to show the extent of the injuries, damages, and lifelong consequences that our client must now endure. With trial looming ahead, the insurance company raised its initial offer of $10,000 to an unsatisfying six figures. After further negotiation and with just one day before trial, the insurance company increased its offer to well over 100 times their initial offer, providing a hefty seven-figure settlement for our client.

With retirement now at hand, our client and his wife plan to buy a home along the beaches of the Oregon coast and enjoy their remaining years together as comfortably as possible.