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$510,000 Slip and Fall

Fresno Pizzeria Pays for Dangerous Water Puddle at Restaurant Entryway – $510,000

Me-n-Ed’s Coney Island Grill prides itself on its good food and fun environment, but on a rainy November day it was the beginning of a nightmare for one customer. She and a friend stopped by Me-n-Ed’s at the River Park Mall in Fresno, CA, for a quick meal before heading to the movie theater. However, it began raining outside, and restaurant staff unfortunately failed to take adequate measures to prevent a large water puddle from forming inside the restaurant. When the unwary customer finished her meal and got up to leave, she suddenly slipped and landed heavily on the hardwood floors.

The customer was unable to get up, and after being rushed to the hospital doctors diagnosed her with a comminuted hip fracture. Surgery was completed shortly thereafter in which a rod, nail, and screws were used to stabilize the joint. However, only days later the customer was rushed to the emergency room again with life-threatening complications from the hip surgery. She was left with lasting injuries and was unable to care for herself for months.

Dunnion Law argued successfully that there was a dangerous condition, and that restaurant staff and management neglected their duty of care to customers under California law when they failed to address it. Even better, Dunnion Law was able to settle her case for $510,000.00 without any litigation or court appearances, saving the client from months of anxiety and time-consuming depositions. Finally, her attorneys negotiated her medical bills of over $238,000 down to about $24,000, saving her nearly $214,000. Thankfully she was able to get the compensation she deserved for the pain and suffering she lives with—all as a result of her restaurant visit that day.