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How Will I Be Compensated for an Injury That Is Someone Else’s Fault?

There aren’t specific guidelines for how reimbursements are made after an injury due to someone else’s negligence. However, there are important steps that should be taken along the way to ensure your path to recovery – financially and physically. Let’s explore some of the steps that you can take to get the compensation that you deserve.

Steps to Take Following a Personal Injury

An important step in obtaining maximum compensation for your personal injury claim is to document everything immediately after the incident.

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After you sustain an injury, you may be confused, or you may even suffer from a traumatic brain injury that impedes your memory over time. Trauma can cause you to forget certain things that could be helpful to you, so filling out the police report, taking pictures (even with your phone), and calling your insurance company, if necessary, as soon as possible will go a long way to serving in your best interest.

Contacting a personal injury attorney at Dunnion Law immediately will alleviate most of the stress associated with these reports and documents. They will investigate the accident, gather all crucial facts and eye-witness reports, complete and file the necessary forms, and coordinate any medical or rehabilitative treatment that you require.

Medical Damage Entitlements

Whether you get hurt on the job, have a slip-and-fall injury at someone’s home or business, or are injured in an automobile accident, you are entitled to certain compensations for medical damages. This includes any necessary surgeries, rehabilitation, and ongoing care that may be required due to the injury. However, you will need the right care, records and a qualified attorney to make your case solid, as there are limits on these amounts depending on the liable party’s insurance provider.

Keeping track of your doctors’ appointment notes, any receipts for prescriptions or durable medical equipment that you needed, and dates and notes from any physical therapy you may have obtained is important to the process. The more information you can keep records of to substantiate your claim, the easier it will be for your personal injury attorney to present your case and obtain compensation for everything you deserve.

Calculating Damages

Once the amounts have been calculated for medical and personal liabilities, the amounts of any other types of damages can be determined. Even what is known as “pain and suffering” can be figured into the compensation package. While there is no number to dictate how this amount will be determined due to a variety of factors, your personal injury lawyer will work diligently to ensure that this number adequately represents your time missed from work, your length of recovery, and any emotional damages and disruptions that have occurred in your life and that of your family as a result of your injuries.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by an accident that occurred due to no fault of your own? The personal injury attorneys at Dunnion Law are here to help you get what you deserve and offer a free review of your case. It is our mission to look after you so that you can look after yourself or your loved one.