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Our success by the numbers

As a leading personal injury law firm in California, we have established a reputation for exceptional legal representation and we deliver on those expectations. Our accident lawyers have delivered favorable results for our clients year after year, obtaining multi-million dollar settlements. Delivering on our promise is something we take very seriously as personal injury lawyers. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and leveraging our expertise to empower our clients to get the recoveries they deserve.


Total years of experience

Our award-winning personal injury lawyers approach each case with a proactive mentality that allows us to be invested and engaged from start to finish. With more than 300 combined years of legal experience, our injury lawyers work collaboratively to ensure your case benefits from the experience and knowledge of our team. 

Our Team


Recovered for clients

Throughout our company history, we have delivered knowledgeable and experienced representation to our clients, providing them with collaborative personal injury work like no other firm. We have built our reputation on experience, compassion and unrivaled service as a top-tier personal injury law firm in California. 

Cases Won



To us you are more than just clients, you are neighbors, friends and partners. We work with you and for you. Our personal injury lawyers and staff go that extra mile to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. Our clients can attest to our quality of service and personal injury representation. 

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