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Negligent Driver Causes Dust Cloud Resulting in Accident and Serious Injury - $1,005,000

Jul 10, 2019
Samer Aboutalib

Our client, an outdoor enthusiast who surfed, camped and mountain biked, got caught in a dense dust fog created from a tomato truck driving on a dirt shoulder. The tomato truck driver negligently merged from the dirt shoulder onto the paved road striking our client’s SUV hard. The impact forced his vehicle off the road, causing it to roll over several times before it came to a rest at the side of the road.

The collision and impact to the client’s neck and back placed him at risk for paralysis. Surgery that required two of his vertebrae to be fused severely limited the client’s range of motion needed for his job as an events stage hand. In addition, his injuries forced him to abandon virtually all of his outdoor activities, changing his livelihood and his lifestyle permanently.

Dunnion Law worked diligently to show not only the effects the accident had on our client’s life, but also the extreme negligence of the tomato truck driver. The tomato cargo company associated with the driver paid the full limit of its insurance. Our attorneys negotiated a substantial reduction from the client’s massive medical bills, allowing him to retain a larger portion of his $1,005,000 settlement.

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