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Gary M.

San Jose Jul 27, 2018
I was in a car accident where I was rear-ended on the freeway. I went to Dunnion Law to see what my legal rights were. I was very pleased how fast they responded but I was even more pleased to find out how much I was getting on my settlement. I would highly recommend them. Thank you Travis Alexander.

Esteban R

San Jose Jul 19, 2018
I called Dunnion Law after a car accident and kind of did not think anything was going to come of it as I had not been contacted for a long while. Samer called me up one day out of the blue and let me know my case had been re-assigned to him. He told me that he was going to get things taken care of for me. Honestly, I left that conversation feeling confident that the ball was finally rolling. From then on, he was really good about keeping in touch. He'd call periodically to update me on the status of our case. His secretary Alice has got to be the nicest person ever; her phone etiquette is superb. She is very well spoken and clear about anything Samer needs to build his case. She follows up when needed but is not "pesty" about it. Needless to say these two did not let me down one bit and I would not hesitate to seek out Samer's services again if the unexpected were to occur. Thanks again, Samer and Alice! 

James R.

Fresno Jul 13, 2018
My name is Jeffrey and Mr. Alexander is my attorney. I was involved in a crazy bad accident last year. Like most people involved in a accident I was under the impression that my insurance would be fighting on my behalf. I was dealing with trying to feel better and manage being off work and still having tons of bills to take care of. Unfortunately I didn't realize insurance company's don't fight the way you think they will, even though I pay for premium full coverage. Out of options and desperate for help I contacted Dunnion Law, they had the case in just a couple of short days. Mr. Alexander and the staff in his office have made it their mission to comfort me in these rough times, and truly make me feel like they were there to help. I'm always informed and free to call any time for questions. They are down to earth, real people that truly care for the clients they serve. I highly recommend Mr. Alexander and Dunnion Law to anyone that feels lost and needs their services. Thanks again Dunnion Law, and a big thanks to Mr. Alexander!

Simone J.

Fresno Jul 10, 2018
I give Dunnion Law 5 stars. They worked really hard on my mother's case. My mother Katherine and I really appreciate it, God bless you all.

Sarge K.

Monterey Jul 3, 2018
Dunnion Law is an extremely professional and protective firm. I had the best experience, totaling to become the best firm from my experience. The service and staff are great and super helpful. The staff is super consistent with solving any issues with great amount of effort. I highly recommend asking them for help if you are in need or injured; the firm will assist you in any way possible. I appreciate the great amount of effort that Mr. Atanous and his assistants ensure. I was gladly satisfied.

Jenny R

May 30, 2018
Yo estube en un accidente muy grave y Sargis y su equipo me ayudo mucho. Hicieron lo impossible y lo maximo por mi. Hablan espanol y siempre estan disponible. Si ustedea necesitan ayuda bueno entonces llamen aqui y pregunten por Sargis.

(Translated) I was in a very serious accident and Sargis and his team helped me a lot. They did the impossible and the maximum for me. They speak Spanish and they are always available. If you need good help, then call here and ask for Sargis.

SJ Calikid

San Jose May 17, 2018
They were very helpful and informative every step of the way and they never gave up on my case, I would recommend the Dunnion Law firm to any of my friends and family that was in need of an injury lawyer.

Brandy P

Monterey Apr 14, 2018
I made the right choice by having Dunnion Law represent myself and the passengers in my car! I owe a big thank you to Denis for all his hard work! We were stopped at a red light and got rear ended by a mini van doing about 35 mph! Denis at Dunnion Law set us up with doctor's for our injuries and kept us up to date on every aspect of our case! They fought till the end with the insurance company! Myself, along with my passengers were awarded the max insurance payout per person! If you're in need of an attorney, I highly recommend choosing Dunnion Law!

Cathy M

Monterey Apr 14, 2018
I owe a big thank you to Dunnion Law.... especially Denis for working hard on our case! They went above and beyond what I had expected! They set me up with doctors to treat my injuries and kept me up to date on my case and even called just to see how I was doing! They fought till the end and won max payout per person in my claim! If you're looking for an injury attorney.... look no further, Dunnion Law is the right choice!

Cecilia K

Monterey Apr 14, 2018
Let's just say amazing. Two cases they handled for me. Got a nice settlement on the first one, but got me the highest amount I could get on the second one after the insurance company said they wouldn't pay. I can't thank them enough. I had a previous case with them.  This is my second time. The Dunnion law firm worked very hard to get my settlement for me. They actually cared about my best interests. Thank you Dunnion!

Brenda P

Apr 6, 2018
Me and my mom were involved in a terrible car accident that had left my mom with serval broken bones need surgeries and in wheelchair. Also leaving me needing back surgery. After my mom was released from the hospital my mom's friend recommended The Dunnion Law Firm that they could help. The first attorney that was working our case was Mr. Feavel and his paralegal Stephanie both were very kind and understanding they help us find the doctor we need to get the best medical care. After sometime past our case past to another attorney Mr. Denis Delja and Cynthia Gutierrez. There are no words that give justice to all the hard work and amazing job they did. Mr. Delja was very kind, professional and he fights for us. After the insurance company had decided a zero balance on our case, he fought and got us a very good settlement. He made sure we had everything we need and were comfortable at every appointment. We never felt abandoned. I like how he explained every step of the process that we had to go though and if there was anything we didn't understand he take the time to explain it again to make sure that we both understood. Mrs. Gutierrez, she is amazing, patient, and professional person. She would patiently answer all our questions and provide us with every request we would ask for. Helping us find accommodation to all our appointment we had. She did an amazing job getting us the most money from our settlement. I recommended them to anyone who needs an attorney I know they can help.

Bricia T

Apr 4, 2018
Dunnion Law is such a good firm. They helped me with a lot and won two cases my lawyer Sargis is one good lawyer and super professional. They made me a lot of money and i recommend this firm to all my friends and family.

Inez S

San Jose Mar 27, 2018
I had a beautiful experience with my attorney at the Tom Dunnion Law Firm. Glenda is a fighter who knows when wrong is wrong and right is just right. When my friend and I was injured in my car accident in June of 2016 the first person I called was my mother. The second was the Tom Dunnion Law Firm. I suggest call the Tom Dunnion Law Firm first. They are quick to make sure all of your needs are meet. And no matter how many times you call, referring to me of course all questions are answered in a polite and timely manner. The best experience I have had with an attorney. Thank you so much Glenda for believing in me and my case and for not willing to settle until it was made right. Thanks for fighting for the little people of this world who ordinarily would be looked past and stepped on. Like me. I recommend the Tom Dunnion Law Firm to all in need of a injury lawyer. And trust me with Glenda on your team, you are already a winner. She will make a wrong, a right. And that is what I call justice.

Fei W

San Jose Mar 24, 2018
Samer and Alice are our attorney/(staff) to deal with case with Farmer's insurance. They are very helpful to get our compensation from Farmers.


San Jose Mar 22, 2018

Hey, Kelly and Todd were great assisting me in obtaining a settlement, due to an accident I was involved in. The firm of Dunnion Law represented my concerns and far exceeded (my expectations). I would like to express an ample thank you to Kelly for she was the up from representative I interacted with regularly. Kelly was and will in my opinion always be very polite, professional and far exceed the duties placed upon her profession by showing sincere concern during an unfortunate occurrence, as my case progress dealing with my overall health. So in closing thank you Dunnion Law and Kelly and Todd great job keep it up. Mr. Dawson.

Rachel K

Fresno Mar 20, 2018
Glenda and her office got me the amount I deserved for my accident, they fought for me. Awesome people

Andy G

Fresno Mar 18, 2018
My name is Andy Garza and this is my story. On July 2, 2016 I was home relaxing and I received a phone call from my Grandson that he wanted to spend the night. I told him I would go pick him up. As I was driving down Cleveland Ave I came to a red light and stopped behind a Yukon. As I was waiting for the light to turn green I looked in my rear view mirror and saw head lights coming my way real fast. Before I could say the words "Oh God" there was a loud explosion.Ten minutes later after I woke up I was in the back of an ambulance and I said "what happened". They told me I was rear ended by a drunk driver doing about 50 MPH. I thanked God I wasn't killed. I suffered injuries to my neck, back and arms. I had to go to therapy and see two different specialist. I was really worried because I had medical bills over 100 thousand dollars. I had always seen a commercial on TV of The Dunnion Law Firm and I decided to call them. I told them what happened and they said they would take my case. I was assigned an Attorney by the name of Patrick Feavel. He told me it was going to be a long process to settle the case because he wanted the best for me. That made me feel good and even better because I knew I was not alone in this fight. After about a year of going back and forth with my Attorney and theirs I was assigned a different Attorney. Her name was Bridget Dunnion. Right away she talked to me and explained everything that was going to happen. She gave me her phone number and told me to call her if I had any questions. She told me not to worry because they were going to take care of me and that I was going to be real happy after they were done. All I was hearing were words of inspiration and I knew I was in good hands. Eight months later it was all over with. All my medical bills had been paid and I got paid too. Best day on my life and I owe it all to Patrick, Bridget and Dunnion Law. I highly recommend Dunnion Law because they kept their word. I couldn't be happier with the results of the case. Bridget, you are the best. Sincerely Andy. Blessed to be alive.

William T.

Merced Feb 27, 2018
I wish to convey my utmost gratitude to the Dunnion Law Firm. Your firm is a shining glory of the law profession. Everyone I spoke to, from the gentleman that came to my home to the ladies I spoke to on the phone frequently, were always courteous and kind, and cognitive to any and all questions I might have asked them. I seriously cannot convey enough praise and gratitude to y'all as individuals who represent Dunnion. You do yourselves proud. Once again, my sincerest thank yous to all.

Frank A.

San Francisco Jan 6, 2018
"My first experience with attorneys wasn't a very good one. After my accident I was led to believe I wasn't going to get compensation for the loss of my leg and the inability to work. Well, three long years of depression and hopelessness set in. Glenda, from the Dunnion Law Firm, helped me through this time, assuring me she was not going to give up without me being satisfied with the settlement. I tell you, Glenda and the entire staff at the Dunnion Law Firm, are the hardest working people out there. Armed with their many resources Glenda was able to get me exactly what she said she would. Thank you Glenda and everyone else at the Dunnion Law Firm, Life Is Good!!!"

Mark N.

San Jose Dec 29, 2017
"Sargis at The Dunnion Law Firm was extremely helpful in recovering the maximum amount for my personal injury case. He was nothing but courteous, professional and compassionate when working with me. His staff was always available, and kept me informed. His team did all the paperwork and made sure everything was covered, with no out of pocket expense. When the insurance company made a ridiculously low offer to settle, he made sure I received the maximum amount for my injury. In short, I'm very satisfied that I chose Dunnion Law to represent me and extremely grateful with my outcome. I would recommend The Dunnion Law firm in a heartbeat. Thank you again Sargis."

Marcelino C.

San Jose Dec 13, 2017
"After my motorcycle accident, I needed legal assistance and I’m glad I chose Dunnion Law Firm. Anything I needed, they helped out anyway they could. Great people." 

Philip G.

Fresno Dec 4, 2017
"Thanks so much to the Dunnion Law Firm for being so amazing with my case! Also to my attorney Travis for being so precise and very reliable! He fought for my case till the end when I got excellent results! I highly recommend them for any legal matters!"

Salvador T.

Fresno Dec 4, 2017
"I would like to give thanks to the Dunnion Law Firm for being amazing through the whole process. They were always on time and very precise with their work. My attorney Travis was excellent and I would highly recommend him to anyone, he fought for my case through it all and I got excellent results! Great law firm to go to for any legal matters and very reliable!"

Sarah C.

Fresno Dec 4, 2017
"Jake Fathy was awesome. He won a very difficult case, well done."

Millie G.

Fresno Nov 27, 2017
About 3 years ago, I was in a car accident and had to get surgery for my spine. This had affected many of my everyday activities, such as cleaning up the house, driving, and the time I spent with friends and family was shorter. During this time, I contacted Dunnion Law Firm in order to help with my case. However, the lawyer that I was working with had to transfer due to a family emergency, so I got put with a new lawyer named Jake J. Fathy. Despite having no knowledge of my situation, he was very helpful in getting my case solved. He was always on top of everything and was easily contacted if I needed help with anything. He was able to settle for more money than I had expected. I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to Jake and Dunnion Law Firm who helped us get through this difficult time in our lives. I highly recommend anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer to contact the Dunnion Law Firm, they are the best and I would gladly work with them again!"