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Monterey Jun 30, 2022
One of the best law firms in Monterey County.
Monterey Jun 22, 2022
I was in my very first accident and I chose Dunnion Law. My lawyer Sargis and his team were with me every step of the way, made it easy to understand, and made sure I understood the process. They worked hard to get me the maximum payout and made sure all my medical bills were covered. Sargis and his assistant Paola treated me with respect and compassion. I felt like family. I put my trust in them to give me the justice I deserved. I will forever be grateful. If you're ever in an accident call Dunnion Law and ask for Sargis.
Monterey Jun 21, 2022
Last month, I reached out to Attorney Marcela Mercado to seek help with a case of a fatal accident that a friend of mine had suffered in January. Initially another attorney was looking into the case but seemed not too interested in it. When I reached out to Marcela, she scheduled an appointment to meet in person to hear all the details of the case. Once we met, she was able to answer all the questions that I had regarding the matter, and explained to me how the process could go, something the other attorney wouldn't do. Luckily, she was able to take over the case and currently her and her team are working on it. I was gladly surprised with the fast response when I first reached out to them. I'm very pleased with Marcela's attention and professionalism. I'm confident that whatever the outcome is, Marcela and her team would do everything in their hands to have the best results.
Fresno Jun 21, 2022
When I had a pretty bad accident in 2020 that totaled my vehicle, I was able to turn to Dunnion Law to be compensated. From start to finish they were able to help me. They were available when I needed to speak to a lawyer, and they were very professional and knowledgeable. I was compensated for my damages and they got me more than I was ever expecting. I highly recommend them to anyone seeking a settlement from a motor vehicle accident.
Lindsay Jun 14, 2022
Words cannot express how grateful I am to Travis, and his assistant Cristina from Dunnion Law. They helped my father find justice for his accident and worked with Medicare. All the other lawyers we called said they would not work with Medicare. Everything Travis told me to expect is exactly what happened. I highly recommend Dunnion Law.
San Jose Jun 13, 2022
Thank you to Dunnion Law. Very warm and welcoming atmosphere. The attorneys are patient and involved in making sure that their clients are being taken care of. They were very family oriented. I would recommend Todd, Travis, Annamarie and everyone else at Dunnion.
Monterey Jun 11, 2022
Great people! Tara and company were fast and informative. They handled my case well.
Monterey Jun 9, 2022
In my case Dunnion Law worked diligently and kept me informed on every step. I highly recommend Dunnion Law.
Monterey Jun 6, 2022
Samer and Liz are extremely passionate about the work they do. They are responsive, warm and compassionate and always available to answer any and all questions. I highly recommend them and the entire Dunnion Law team. Give them a call, you will not regret it.
Monterey Jun 6, 2022
Dunnion Law provides outstanding service. Samer and Liz do an amazing job!
Monterey Jun 6, 2022
Glenda and Jennifer are passionate advocates for their clients. They always make sure their clients feel cared for and their needs are met. I would recommend Dunnion Law over any other firm if you are ever injured in an unfortunate accident.
Monterey Jun 6, 2022
I highly recommend the Dunnion Law Firm, especially the department run by Glenda De Guzman and Jennifer. I have witnessed their level of excellence and the utmost care they provide to their clients. They are truly justice warriors.
Monterey Jun 6, 2022
I provided services to this firm a few years ago and I have always been impressed by their level of excellence and professionalism. Mr. Dunnion and Glenda De Guzman are especially commendable. I recommend them!
San Jose Jun 6, 2022
I needed a lawyer, as I was surfing the web and watching TV, the Dunnion Law commercial came on. I gave them a call and they have been working with us ever since then. They are like family. Whenever I have a question or concern I can reach out to them, no questions asked. The staff is amazing. I have worked closely with Glenda De Guzman and Jennifer. Dunnion Law was a great choice to add to our family. Thank you all for all the hard work and time you have given us.
Fresno Jun 6, 2022
Dunnion Law has gone beyond what a law firm is expected to do. Our family went through a bad incident, and Glenda De Guzman took care of our family. We love her for going out of her way and making us feel more than just a client.
Monterey Jun 5, 2022
To Tara, Briannon and Michelle and the whole staff, I'm so pleased with Dunnion Law, and the knowledge that they shared with us. We are pleased with the services they gave us. I'm recommending this law firm to all my family and friends. You go Dunnion - a big thumb's up. Thank You
Monterey Jun 4, 2022
I am so thankful I found Dunnion Law! If you're looking for lawyers that are knowledgeable and will put you at ease, then this is the firm for you. They are there to really help you through a tough time and make things as stress-free as they can be (given the circumstances). If you're able to have Samer and Liz working on your case, you can feel confident knowing you're in great hands. They're extremely responsive and will walk you through the whole process and answer any questions!
Monterey Jun 4, 2022
Dealing with this law firm has been a great experience. I was worried it would be hard to get in touch with my attorney as I've heard horror stories about other law firms being unreachable, but Samer and Liz have been outstanding! Liz has constantly kept me in the loop, and I felt at ease the entire time. Samer was able to handle my case successfully. I have no complaints and highly recommend them!
Monterey Jun 3, 2022
My daughter and I were injured at a restaurant when we were served broken glass in our food. I immediately called Travis before we even left the restaurant, and I'm glad I did. Travis made sure we documented everything correctly so that he and Dunnion Law could fight to maximize justice while we focused on healing our family. Then, he spent the time to really understand what my family went through, not only with the initial injuries, but the ongoing trauma my daughter and I went through long after the wounds had healed. He made the insurance company understand this was more than some minor, ephemeral cuts, and he did not allow them to get away with paying a penny less than full justice. Travis is very passionate about his cases and I highly recommend him and Dunnion Law.
Monterey Jun 3, 2022
I give Dunnion Law a 5-star review, but the person who deserves all the credit is Tara Delja. My expectations were constantly exceeded throughout the time that we worked together. In my opinion, the most important quality for an attorney is their font of knowledge. Tara clearly had lots of experience with cases like mine, and I deeply appreciated her straightforward manner. What really set her apart, though, was her kind attitude. Though I was mindful not to waste her time by providing unrelated details, I never felt rushed during our conversations and always had the feeling that she genuinely cared about my injuries. The cherry on top was a settlement that ensured I would have all the medical treatment I needed. I can't thank her enough!
Monterey Jun 3, 2022
After a traumatic car accident, Dunnion Law went above and beyond to help my case. Bridget and Annamarie were great at explaining each part of the case and the process, as the legal system can be very confusing. I couldn't ask for a better result for my case and appreciate their help!
Monterey Jun 3, 2022
I highly recommend Glenda and Jennifer at Dunnion Law. They fought hard for my daughter to get the justice she deserved. It truly meant the world to me to have them in our corner representing us. When I thought things were not possible, they fought to the end. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
San Jose Jun 2, 2022
Marcela is the best lawyer.
San Jose Jun 2, 2022
Lawyer Marcela has a kind heart. With such a good lawyer, you definitely will win the lawsuit. A word from a professional can help you a lot, but not every lawyer has this kindness. I think I am lucky to always meet good people. I sincerely hope that when you encounter difficulties, you can also meet a great lawyer like Marcela.
Fresno Jun 2, 2022
Love the compassion and respect Denis and his team from Dunnion had for our family. The time they committed just to us was unbelievable.

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