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Monterey Mar 30, 2022
I was involved in another accident while my first case was still pending. I spoke to my wonderful lawyer Glenda De Guzman and her awesome assistant, Jennifer. They helped and guided me through this whole process - easy peasy. They made me feel like I'm not alone in this and they were always a call away. I would recommend them 1000 times over anyone else! Thank you guys again for everything.
Fresno Mar 30, 2022
They did an excellent job for me. I will recommend them to anyone.
Fresno Mar 30, 2022
Dunnion Law helped me out so much with the accident I had in my 2013 Porsche. Yeah they got me exactly what I can get. In 60 days everything was A-okay, so I'm giving Travis a 5-star review. They got in there and they did what they were supposed to do. Thank you Dunnion Law.
San Jose Mar 27, 2022
Dunnion Law made me feel like family throughout my whole process. Very knowledgeable and super understanding. Jennifer and Glenda are awesome.
San Jose Mar 18, 2022
Thank you to Samer and Liz for the huge help! I 1,000,000% recommend this place! If you're looking for anyone - go to him! Thank you Samer and Liz for your help.
Fresno Mar 10, 2022
Dunnion Law is great, especially Glenda and Jennifer. They treated me with 5-star service, and made me feel like gold.
Fresno Mar 4, 2022
Dunnion Law is the epitome of how a law firm should operate. They went above and beyond what I ever expected, so very thankful for their outstanding services.
San Jose Feb 9, 2022
I attended a funeral and was hit by a driver who was speeding. While recovering and putting my trust in a lawyer to be my advocate and representative, in return they said they could not represent me because I was at fault. I was crushed. The question I asked myself was "why do bad things always happen to good people?" In this case I cried while at my appointment and then began to search for any lawyer in the Bay Area that could help me. All six attorneys [I contacted] said they could not help. I called Dunnion Law and cried myself to them. They said not to worry and that they would gladly take care of me. I want to say thank you to lawyer, Tara, and the Dunnion Law team! You say what you mean, and mean what you say! You truly are the definition of "I got you!" You go above and beyond and helped me not only prove and win my case, but you also gave me my confidence that there are great and loyal lawyers. There is no lawyer team like you! I love you all, and thank you for treating my case with love before dismissing me like the others did. My favorite lawyer, Tara, is # 1 in my book. Feeling lost? Vulnerable? Go get a Dunnion Law attorney! They have your back and your best interests from Day 1.
San Jose Feb 4, 2022
Bridget and her team are the best. Very responsive and informative.
Fresno Jan 10, 2022
I have found that everyone at Dunnion Law is professional in every way. I called Travis Alexander fairly late one night, and he was kind enough to talk to me until I understood how my case would proceed. In addition, since I'm a senior on Medicare, some of my injuries were pre-existing while others were caused by the accident. He did an outstanding job of negotiating with Medicare so that I received the maximum settlement possible. There are two very kind women who work with Travis - Christina and Gina. They too share all the above qualities with Travis and have both called me after my case settled to see how I was doing physically. With no reservations, I would recommend Travis Alexander at Dunnion Law.
Monterey Dec 21, 2021
My wife and kids were involved in a motor vehicle accident, July of 2021. After doing some research, I called Dunnion Law. I initially spoke with Travis on a weekend and he took the time to answer all of my questions. I was not pressured into obtaining representation at the time of our conversation and decided to wait. However, dealing with two different insurance companies can be exasperating and we were not sure how trustworthy insurance companies were. A few weeks later, after finding out the full extent of my family's injuries, we chose Dunnion Law to represent us. Over the past few months, Travis, Cristina and Gina worked tirelessly for my family. Throughout the process the team members at Dunnion Law were in contact with my wife and me - gathering information, advising and answering questions. In the end, we received the maximum amount for our claim. These types of incidents are unfortunate for everyone involved, however, we were extremely pleased with the way Travis and his team resolved our claim.
Monterey Dec 20, 2021
In our accident injury case, we had a great experience working with Sargis, one of the great lawyers at Dunnion Law. In this case, originally, we had retained another law firm, --- , a totally incompetent law firm that could not get us even our cost for this ordeal and tried to convince us to take the severe loss and settle at the small sum that Geico Insurance had offered to pay. At that point, we fired this firm, and retained Dunnion Law. Sargis at Dunnion Law got us over 5 times more money in damages from the Geico Insurance! We had a great privilege to work with Sargis, who represented us, negotiated with Geico and was able to get us the rightful amount . . . Sargis is kind, compassionate, caring, sensitive, and respectful with his clients. Sargis is very smart, tough and unwavering in his negotiations with the other side. We are truly fortunate to have a chance to work with him. Dunnion Law has the highest level of professional competence. No other law firm comes even close. I would highly recommend Sargis at Dunnion Law to anyone who needs an accident injury lawyer.
Fresno Dec 15, 2021
Sargis handled the law suit for my father's death with compassion and integrity. I am grateful for how he communicated and made everything clear and peaceful. I would recommend him to anyone looking for legal services.
Monterey Dec 15, 2021
Bridget helped me get the money I deserved. They were so professional and on top of everything. Even though my husband passed away before the case was settled, they were able to still get me the money I deserved. I will forever be thankful for their services. I definitely recommend them.
Fresno Dec 14, 2021
Dunnion Law helped me and informed me throughout the case. They were very empathetic. I really appreciate Travis' and Cristina's hard work. I would recommend Dunnion Law to anyone that needs help and a law firm that's on your side.
Fresno Dec 12, 2021
These guys are the best at what they do. This was my first time ever having to deal with a car accident. I was really unsure of how to handle the whole thing so I went on Yelp, found these guys and they lived up to the reviews. They were so caring about the type of care I was getting with the doctors. They made sure I was comfortable with the care I was receiving and they would check in periodically. They were also really good at explaining the step-by-step process and how things are done. They really made a bad experience into a positive. I would like to say thank you Travis and Cristina and their team. I will recommend them 100% to anyone and everyone if ever I need. Thank you once again.
Fresno Dec 10, 2021
It is with great luck due to an unfortunate accident that I was recommended to call Dunnion Law. Firstly, some framework, I am an international student attending university. Our health insurance works differently than regular coverage, limits etc. One of my peers upon hearing about my accident when he called to check on my well-being, the first thing he said was "you need to call these guys right now." Boy, was he right. Being an international student and my first time being involved in a wreck after coming here, I sustained injuries in the accident as well. If it wasn't for Dunnion Law - Travis, Cristina and Gina, I would have never been able to navigate through all the burdens that came afterward. They scheduled my doctor appointments and made sure I was getting my treatments when medical institutions looked the other way due to my different insurance policies. [They] handled my case in the background whilst ensuring I was ok. Best part is, they settled my case with an outcome I would probably never be able to achieve on my own - in record speed, efficiency, and comprehensiveness. They don't miss any details, and are very knowledgeable and professional. Even though I say professional, the way they treated me was like a family member that had gotten into trouble. Unlike other firms they use words like "we" and justice for me. You can tell they mean what they say. They call/mail/text you every few days to check on you, update you on the case and take the time to help you understand jargon you are not familiar with even whilst handling their other cases. I can see why I was recommended to them so quickly by many [people]. There was no doubt or hesitation when anyone recommended them to me. I understand why now. If you are fortunate and mindful of picking them as your representation to help navigate you through stressful, overloaded and unknown territory to you (even if you know), they will most definitely bring you the best outcome while making sure you are taken care of while it's proceeding. Dunnion Law did indeed break down the insurance companies palisade to bring me the justice I deserve. Thank you Dunnion Law. Thank you Travis, Cristina and Gina for everything you guys did for me. I appreciate you so very much. Thank you guys for meaning everything you say. I wish you guys and your firm nothing but the best. Now, I will be another to recommend you to others without any hesitation.
Monterey Dec 8, 2021
I had never hired an attorney and this is my first time. I'm very glad I chose Dunnion Law to help me. Travis and Cristina explained everything with detail and kept me informed.
Fresno Dec 6, 2021
I was recently referred to Dunnion Law. When I first spoke to Jennifer and Glenda De Guzman they made me feel welcomed and confident about my case. I highly recommend their service!
Concord Dec 6, 2021
My lawyer Glenda De Guzman, her assistant Jennifer, and the team worked hard on my case and I am very pleased with the outcome.
Fresno Dec 3, 2021
I highly recommend Glenda De Guzman and her team, Jennifer and Paige. They have been very kind, compassionate and professional to me and my daughter. My minor daughter was a passenger in a car accident. Glenda was very straightforward and upfront in what she thought she could do for my daughter. She exceeded in what she thought she could do and helped with the set up on how and when my daughter will get her settlement. I am beyond grateful for all Glenda and her team has done for my daughter.
Fresno Dec 2, 2021
Very happy with the first phone conversation with Glenda and her team. Very professional, respectful , kind and honest.
Monterey Dec 2, 2021
I would highly recommend Dunnion Law! They were very responsive, always had updates about the case and constantly checked in on me to see how I was doing. Glenda and her assistant Jennifer are an amazing duo! They walked me through everything since Day [1]. They were so helpful and quick to get things done!
San Jose Nov 26, 2021
Great reasonable price for the hard work, time and energy that they put into your case They are respectful and caring and try to help you in any way they can. You're not going to find another law firm with more heart, respect and understanding. Thank you Dunnion Law.
Monterey Nov 24, 2021
I'm really happy with Dunnion. They were very helpful and Travis helped me out.

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