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Monterey Jul 17, 2020
I was in a really bad car accident and I called Dunnion Law. I’m glad I did. Glenda and her assistants, Jennifer and Paige, always kept me up to date about my case and they really cared about me. I really liked how friendly everyone was, and my case was resolved very quickly.
I would highly recommend Dunnion Law.
Milpitas Jun 29, 2020
Attorney Glenda and her assistant Jennifer were awesome! I came to Dunnion Law over two years ago after being involved in a multi-car accident that was not my fault. This was a tough time for me and my family given the huge amount of stress caused by the accident but they were with me every step of the way providing guidance and support. Both Glenda and Jennifer were extremely helpful with check-ins on my progress and updates on the case. The case has been resolved and I am very pleased to have worked with Dunnion Law. I would absolutely recommend Dunnion Law for anyone seeking services related to an auto injury.
Monterey Jun 22, 2020
During one of the most challenging times in my life. Dunnion Law gave me the expertise and support I needed. I was in a car accident (the other driver ran the red light) resulting in a broken/fractured arm and wrist. My car was totaled, and I was not able to work for months. A good friend suggested that I look into getting a lawyer. I called Dunnion late one evening, and Travis, an attorney at the firm, answered the phone. From the beginning, Travis has been kind, professional, attentive, and incredibly efficient. He gently walked me through the process and made sure to check on me once per week. Being in a car accident was painful and scary. I wasn’t sure when I would recover from my injuries or how I was going to pay medical bills. Travis gave me the confidence that Dunnion would take care of my case. Five weeks after my accident, Travis called me about a settlement. I was shocked that he was able to resolve my case so quickly! The peace of mind that I have working with Dunnion Law is priceless. With the settlement, I can recover both financially and physically.
Fresno Jun 1, 2020
Shelly and Tara were the "power house" I needed for this journey. They are totally AWESOME in what they do! Please give both of these ladies a rating of 5. P.S. or a raise!
Fresno May 22, 2020

I want to give a special thanks to Cynthia and Denis. They've worked on two separate cases for me over four years and have during that time been extremely kind, understanding and patient. Even when I moved across the country, our engagement continued to be seamless. Cynthia is a star at this practice and her professionalism is unmatched. She was always prompt with responses and ensured all of my questions were answered. This firm is extremely lucky to have her. I would absolutely recommend working with this duo should you ever be in need of their services.

Fresno May 20, 2020

My son was in a horrible car accident that left him with two sprung knees and a serious concussion. The car was totaled on the scene. I was so nervous and so frightened for my son. I had no idea who to call. I remembered the Dunnion Law commercial. I was told never use a company that advertises on television. I am speaking today to prove that theory is totally wrong. That is not always true. Travis at Dunnion Law was so on top of everything. I didn't have to call and say not once, what's going on with my case? Travis kept my son and me informed and he did what he said he was going to do and when he said he was going to do it. We were able to get the maximum amount. He showed compassion while handling our case and he was on point and professional. Dunnion Law is all they say they are and then some. I would highly recommend them. Travis and team thank you for a priceless experience. One less thing to worry about.

Fresno May 20, 2020

My 15-year-old daughter was in a horrible head-on accident. The driver was basically uninsured. My dad is the one who urged me to contact Dunnion Law and I am SO glad I did. They were able to get a settlement for my daughter - they fought for us. Not only did they fight for us, they treated us with such kindness and compassion. Denis, Cynthia and Briannon at Dunnion Law are extraordinary!

May 20, 2020

My husband was injured in a horrific accident involving a runaway 18-wheeler. Thanks to God, he survived it, even though his pickup truck was completely demolished. His injuries were disabling and he will never regain full use of his arm and shoulder to return to his line of work. He was advised to contact a personal injury attorney, and a friend recommended Dunnion Law. He's so glad he did! The Dunnion Law team of Denis Delja and his paralegals worked tirelessly to obtain a fair settlement for him. His case was challenging, because of a pre-existing heart condition that delayed the surgery to repair the physical injuries resulting from the accident. But Denis persisted, and Cynthia kept us updated throughout his treatment, surgery, physical therapy and recovery. They accompanied and encouraged him throughout the legal proceedings. Denis won an excellent settlement and also negotiated a favorable closure with the insurance subrogation. All the medical bills, liens, and deductibles have been paid. We really appreciate everything Dunnion Law did for us, and would highly recommend them!

Monterey May 19, 2020

We are out of state residents and suffered an accident while visiting Monterey. After contacting several firms, we chose Dunnion Law because of their personal attention and their contract which was very straightforward and transparent. Our case was a difficult one, and Dunnion Law fought for us all of the way through to the final settlement check. We could have never navigated these obstacles ourselves, and our net settlement was above our expectations. I want to especially thank Samer Aboutalib (our Lawyer) and Liz Acevedo (Assistant) for their diligence and professionalism.

Fresno May 18, 2020
To be honest they not only were concerned about me as a person but they reached out with concern to my family during the difficult times. I would recommend them over and over again as they are professional and truthful in all their affairs. They honestly made my recovery less stressful. Thank you so much Mr. Dunnion and KaRen for treating me as a person and not a pay check. That is what I call an honest and trustworthy firm.     
San Jose May 18, 2020
I highly recommend going to Dunnion Law if you have been injured in an auto accident, or whatever the cause may be. Ask for Samer; his assistant Liz is very nice. They are very professional and most definitely help you with your needs. I got a very good settlement check from working with them and I am very satisfied.
San Jose May 12, 2020

There are no words that I could say that would give justice to the service my family received from Samer and Liz from Dunnion Law. So let me just say after working with the two of them throughout the entire time since Day 1 they made us feel like we were their only clients in how attentive they were to the details and communicating everything that was going on. Even when our situation took a turn for the worse and the case became more complicated, they never skipped a beat. We will forever be so thankful to all the work they did for us. I will never and would never recommend for anyone to use anyone else but them. Thank you to Dunnion Law and very specifically Samer and Liz. We are so thankful to have been lucky enough to have had the two of you on our side!

Monterey May 2, 2020

Dunnion Law gets you the justice you deserve. (They got) maximum compensation for all the trouble of the car accident, (including) medical (costs), time loss, and lost wages. (They) all come back to you in a one lump sum settlement in a reasonable amount of time.

Monterey Apr 28, 2020
I was injured in a motor vehicle accident and tried to negotiate with the insurance companies on my own. I became so confused and frustrated that I decided to seek professional services. Fortunately, I called Dunnion Law. I spoke with Jennifer Brown and Attorney Glenda de Guzman who listened to my concerns with patience and compassion. I immediately felt relieved and confident they would handle everything for me. The result of the settlement was beyond my dreams thanks to their hard work and professional skills. My only regret is that I didn't call them sooner. I highly recommend their services to anyone.
Monterey Apr 21, 2020
After my horrible accident I called Glenda at Dunnion Law. Unfortunately this was my second accident. Glenda was so good the first time around. It was the best call I made. Glenda and Jennifer calmed me down and held my hand through the entire process. They made sure they kept me informed and called to check up on me frequently. I would recommend them hands down. I pray I never have to go through this experience again but if I'm ever in need of an attorney again, Glenda and Jennifer would be my first call. Thank you so much.
Fresno Apr 21, 2020
I want to thank Samer Aboutalib for being so kind, helpful and supportive during the legal process of this suit. Samer went out of his way to keep me informed by phone, mail and e-mail. Thank you so much.
Monterey Mar 31, 2020

After my accident I didn't know who to turn to. Once I called Dunnion Law, an actual human being answered the phone within seconds of calling, rather than an answering machine. Everybody was always so kind and so reassuring even through the toughest times. Travis Alexander is an amazing lawyer and was able to guide me through each step of the process…I would highly recommend them for any personal injury case! Even if you don't know what to do next all you have to do is give them a call and they will absolutely help you find the right path!

Monterey Mar 21, 2020

Don't hesitate, make the call to Dunnion Law! Glenda de Guzman and Jennifer Brown took the "wheel" after I was severely injured by a drunk driver. Glenda came to the hospital like a superhero completely alleviating me of my unknown future, effectively laying out the possibilities of what was to come…The weight that was lifted thanks to the compassion and determination of Glenda was almost immediate. Glenda and Jennifer were always there to update me, answer questions, truly making me feel like they were in my corner every step of the way! Dunnion Law got me through the storm - thank you so much Glenda and Jennifer!

Mariposa Mar 3, 2020
I was involved in a vehicle accident and after getting the run-around from the other person's insurance company I contacted Dunnion Law firm. I spoke with Jennifer Brown and Attorney Glenda de Guzman who answered all my concerns and questions with patience and understanding. I was so impressed with their sincere attitudes and professional knowledge regarding my case I hired their services. The final settlement they negotiated in a timely manner was beyond my wildest dreams. My only regret was not calling them sooner. I highly recommend this firm for anyone seeking excellent results!
Jan 31, 2020
Bridget Dunnion and Anna Marie are an excellent team to work with. You not only get an attorney, but the whole Dunnon team of attorneys. The insurance company tried to leave me with $40,000 owed to the doctors after my surgery. Bridget fought for me and I received well over $100,000 after all the medical expenses were paid. Thank you Dunnion Law.
Dec 18, 2019
Glenda and Jennifer are really awesome and very helpful. [They] really explain everything well and especially in person, they are even better. Thank you to the two of you ladies. You both rock!
Monterey Dec 17, 2019
Glenda and her secretary, Jennifer, did an outstanding job. I couldn't be happier with the hard work they have done. [They helped keep] me more in the loop and up to date, more so than the former lawyer…10/10 I would recommend them to anybody in need of a lawyer!
Monterey Dec 14, 2019
Dunnion Law helped me in my time of need. When looking for an attorney, people are often lost and don't know where to turn to. I contacted the law firm and spoke with Liz who was professional and friendly. She walked me through the process and made me feel at ease. Attorney Samer was so helpful and when I had questions he was always willing to speak to me about my concerns. If you're in need of a personal injury law firm, I recommend this place. Super helpful!
Dec 3, 2019

I was in a car accident and Dunnion Law was wonderful. My attorney, Marcella, was great. (She) answered all my questions. When I left a message, she was quick to return my call. I highly recommend Dunnion Law. They get 5 stars from me.

Fresno Dec 3, 2019

I called back a year later and they took care of my niece after a difficult situation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Ms. Bridget Dunnion. I have total belief in her and her team.

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