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Fresno Oct 31, 2021
I was involved in a bad accident and the first people I went to were Dunnion Law ... Jennifer was my secretary. She was very kind and understanding to my situation. She helped me understand things I wasn't too sure of and if I had any questions or problems she was quick to answer with a phone call! I recommend Dunnion Law if you were involved in an accident. They are the best team!
San Jose Oct 30, 2021
From start to finish, Dunnion Law was caring, understanding, explained everything clearly, and made sure I understood everything that was happening and was going to happen. Travis, Gina, and Cristina are all incredibly talented, and work together to get the job done and get you the best results.
Fresno Oct 29, 2021
I'd like to thank Travis, Cristina, Gina for helping me out. I previously had bad luck and got into an accident, hired some other lawyers that did nothing for me. They kept me in the dark, never called to check on me or anything. In July, I decided to hire Dunnion Law. I was connected to Travis and his team. Let me say they went beyond - I mean beyond. They got everything done very quickly. They also were able to get me way more than what my previous lawyer said. This will be my #1 firm for car accidents. Hopefully, it doesn't happen so quickly. Thank you again Travis, Cristina, and Gina - I greatly appreciate it.
Monterey Oct 27, 2021
I want to thank Marcella for her dedication and absolute " brilliance" that she accomplished with my case, which was extremely complicated. She went above and beyond for me. She shared this long, tough journey with me, and kept her elite professionalism, and her genuine compassion from the very beginning. I am very, very blessed to have had her handle my case. She walked me through things I didn't quite understand and made me feel at ease with her direction and unending encouragement and wisdom. She exceeded my final outcome. It has been a very challenging 2 years but she did her "magic" and I'm going to be okay on this road of recovery. Thank You Marcella! I am forever thankful. I also wish to give thanks to Shelly who was also a real champ in her tireless efforts and participation on my case. These two ladies are the BEST of the BEST at what they do. I truly recommend them for any challenging cases. They will fight for you! There's one more colleague I wish to say a deep 'Thank You' as well, for your comforting assurance when needed - Amanda. I just can't say enough for these three lady warriors! Thank you all for giving me your all. I am forever and truly grateful. God bless you all.
San Jose Oct 19, 2021
I was involved in a minor car accident on a Friday afternoon (worst timing). The accident caused a considerable amount of stress. Having spent the entire night looking for resources and information on the web, I was only further confused with no real answers. I eventually found an ad for Dunnion Law. I called Saturday morning, expecting a voicemail, but to my surprise, a case manager (Travis Alexander) answered and spoke to me on the spot. He was incredibly helpful and offered much needed advice, saving me from what would have turned into another sleepless night of futile internet research. I highly recommend this group!
Fresno Oct 1, 2021
I cannot express enough how thankful I am for Dunnion Law's assistance and guidance throughout this process. They were professional, helpful, resourceful, respectful, understanding, patient and professional. They fought to the fullest for my children and me. I am thankful, grateful, pleased and very satisfied with the choice I made when I was looking for who was going to represent my children and me. Thank you Attorney Sargis and team! THE BEST!!!
Fresno Sep 30, 2021
Dunnion Law is the absolute best! Especially my amazing attorney Glenda De Guzman and her awesome assistant Jennifer!
Monterey Sep 30, 2021
Thank you very much to the team of Travis Alexander and his wonderful staff Cristina and Gina from Dunnion Law. They have helped me through a difficult time after being hit by a car in the crosswalk. Their confidence, professionalism, timeliness of communication, plus staying in contact in real time was exceptional. Through their dedication in representing me, my compensation reflected the seriousness of the injury and the pain and suffering I experienced. Thank you!
Fresno Sep 30, 2021
The entire Dunnion Law was an absolute delight, I want to especially thank Travis Alexander and his wonderful team Cristina and Gina! They made entire process so easy for me, which allowed me to have the time to heal and rest properly while they took care of everything else. Travis really did mop the floor [on this case] when it came to taking care of the entire legal process after a car accident. Thank you guys!
Fresno Sep 29, 2021
They helped me solve my case when the police would not cooperate on my behalf. The police said it was my fault when it was not. It took a while but they worked very hard to defend me. Thanks Dunnion Law.
Fresno Sep 24, 2021
They were very helpful with my father's case. I would highly recommend Dunnion Law.
Monterey Sep 23, 2021
This law office is the best in the state.
Monterey Sep 21, 2021
Dunnion Law is a top-notch organization. They were very professional. I was always kept up to date and felt that they were genuinely concerned with my case. Thanks.
Fresno Sep 21, 2021
Working with Dunnion Law has been an excellent experience for me. If I ever had any questions, they were always there to help me. Travis and his team were always there to update me along the way. I am very satisfied with the outcome of my case and it has helped me heal from this accident. I will definitely use them in the future if I need to. I recommend them to anyone who needs representation.
Fresno Sep 14, 2021
I was involved in a horrible car accident that could have taken my life. I was struck by another vehicle that blew through a stop sign and hit me just behind the driver's side door. My vehicle was totaled but I managed to walk away about thirty minutes after the accident. This individual was arrested for driving under the influence and taken to jail. About two weeks later I contacted the Dunnion Law and spoke with Sargis Atanous. He was my attorney for my case. At first I was a little skeptical but after working with Sargis, he was great and always did everything that he said he would do. He was completely honest from the beginning. He was never deceitful about anything. I hope I am never involved in a severe car accident like that again. If I am ever struck by someone driving under the influence again I am not waiting two weeks. I am calling Sargis with Dunnion Law immediately. Thanks Sargis for all your hard work.
San Jose Sep 13, 2021
I was a pedestrian hit by a minivan. I reached out to Dunnion Law and was able to get the legal help I needed thanks to Sargis and Kimberly. Throughout my whole ordeal, they were very awesome. They made me feel like family. They helped me understand every process that was going on. They constantly checked up on me. Sargis and his team are warriors. They will be there every step. Thank you guys again for everything. I highly recommend them. God bless you guys.
Monterey Sep 9, 2021
Sargis is the smartest, most reliable lawyer I have ever worked with. He's compassionate, sharp and has an excellent bedside manner. I highly recommend him.
Monterey Aug 29, 2021
Sargis and his colleagues could not have worked harder for us. The care and compassion the entire team showed was incredible. They were sensitive, kind, and respectful with our family, while simultaneously being tough and unwavering in their negotiations with the other side. I cannot say enough positive things about their expertise, personal skills, and their results! If I could give them 10 stars I would!
Fresno Aug 24, 2021
Kudos to Dunnion Law. I was at first hesitant to call them because I was very skeptical about attorneys. When I called and spoke with Glenda and her assistant, Jennifer, I immediately felt comfortable with them. I was very impressed with their service. Jennifer always explained things to us and Glenda always kept us in the loop. She was honest and real with us from the beginning. We trusted them with our case. Best decision we made. If I could give 10 stars I would.
Fresno Aug 23, 2021
I highly recommend Dunnion Law, especially Glenda and her assistant, Jennifer. They were not only our attorney, they were also like my counselors and held my hand through the whole process. I'm so happy with their service and would give them 10 stars if I could.
Monterey Aug 16, 2021
We worked mainly with Sargis Atanous and his team. Throughout the two years Sargis kept us informed every step of the way, he explored all possibilities in search for the most just outcome in our case. He answered every question or concern promptly and thoughtfully, and he defended our case with tenacity and wisdom. I highly recommend Sargis Atanous and Dunnion Law.
San Jose Aug 9, 2021
Having an automobile accident and being hurt is really an inconvenience but I am happy to say that Dunnion Law made everything so much easier to deal with. I would not have made it through without Briannon and Tara. They were the best. I am so appreciative to those two for making the business aspect of my case so much easier to deal with. I so appreciate them, thank you.
Hayward Aug 9, 2021
I would like to say Dunnion Law was so helpful. They were absolutely great Briannon and Tara were absolutely amazing. I would not have been able to get through this without them. Thank you so much.
Monterey Aug 5, 2021
Thank you Samer and Liz at Dunnion Law in Salinas, California. They helped me out a lot throughout my whole process. They took care of me and made sure I was being helped. They treated me like family and I appreciate their help! Thank you. If you guys need any help with a car accident, I highly recommend Samer and Liz at Dunnion Law. Thank you once again for all the help!
Monterey Aug 5, 2021
Sargis and his team went above and beyond to help me get my settlement ASAP. Thank you very much.

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